NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Newark officials on Tuesday morning raided an apartment complex where residents have been complaining about living in deplorable conditions.

CBS2 accompanied the officials from Neighborhood and Recreational Services and code enforcement officers as they raided the Garden Spires apartments at 175 First St. The officials were inspecting units from top to bottom to force the buildings’ owner, King Properties, to fix them up or face huge fines and possibly arrests, CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez reported.

“We just want the ownership and management to come out to do their part, to abate the issues and ensure that the residents in this city have a safe and vibrant place to live and be productive,” said Patrick Council, director of Neighborhood and Recreational Services.

Part of the raid focused on a grocery store on the first floor of one of the two buildings, which was running without a license. There was expired food on shelves, and products were being stored in a basement covered in mold, raw sewage and mice droppings, Sanchez reported. The store was shut down.

“We did have a complaint from one resident who came in and said that they had purchased some baby formula, and inside the baby formula powder, when she went to open it up, there were bugs and things inside,” Council said.

Inside one apartment, tenant Shonette Parker showed CBS2 her bathtub faucet, which doesn’t stop running, causing mold to grow in the walls. She said she has had mice, roaches and waterbugs. She claims she’s complained to King Properties, but she says the owner just patches it up and the problems keep coming back.

For one resident of the Garden Spires apartments in Newark, her bathtub faucet never stops running. (Credit: CBS2)

For one resident of the Garden Spires apartments in Newark, her bathtub faucet never stops running. (Credit: CBS2)

“Hell, this is nasty,” Parker said.

“I wouldn’t wish this on my worstest enemy.”

Many tenants, however, said they’re afraid to complain about the deteriorating conditions.

“Most of us can’t afford to be anywhere else,” one woman said. “I came from a shelter with my kids.”

No one from King Properties was willing to comment on the violations Tuesday.

The owners have 90 days to make repairs.

  1. Joe says:

    Why do these people have no pride or respect for where they live? Yes the management company is awful. The names of the people who own it should be made available and they should personally be sued. But most of the blame is the people like Parker that live there. If you got roaches get some baits and sprays. If you got mice get some traps. If you use some bleach it will kill the mold. You can hire a plumber and then withhold that amount in rent. Drug problems, trash in the hall, and Human feces in the halls are because of the residents not the management. Massive holes don’t just form themselves in the wall. In the picture we can tell the lady has never once cleaned the apartment. That kitchen is disgusting as fug. The walls are lined with food and dirty dishes. She also has an illegal washing machine that probably spills and causes mold problems. The residents are causing these infestations. Why live like animals? It just makes the situation worse.

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