NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Broccoli can make a spectacular side dish. Tony and Stephanie Tantillo have this recipe for you.

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Broccoli With Black Sesame Seeds


1/2 Spanish onion, chopped

1 head of broccoli

Salt and pepper

2 shiitake mushrooms

Extra virgin olive oil as needed

Black sesame seeds


Begin to saute the onions with a pinch of salt.

Meanwhile quickly blanch the broccoli.

When onions begin to soften, add in broccoli and saute together on high heat.

Separately, saute the mushrooms with black sesame seeds and remove when they are just about done.

Add to pan of broccoli and lower heat.

Continue cooking all together, add in more toasted sesame seeds and serve hot.

Optional: Drizzle sesame oil just before serving.


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