(NEW YORK) — CBSNewYork — In Wednesday’s “Eye On Politics,” Republican Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson talked to WCBS 880 anchor Steve Scott about the campaign and why he was the best choice for the GOP nomination.

“That will be something for the voters to decide,” Carson said when asked why he was the best choice among the 17 candidates. He then explained why he got into the race in the first place.

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“I recognize that our nation is in dire condition in terms of our fiscal foundation, in terms of our standing in the world and the growth of our enemies while we’re shrinking back … in terms of the business that’s going on within in our society,” Carson said. “And it’s not clear to me that traditional politics: Democrat or Republican is going to change the course that we’re on.”

When asked how he sold himself to voters and why they should pick him over the other 16, Carson said, “Because I have a long record of accomplishment of solving very complex problems in many cases things that people have been trying to solve for decades … And working with a lot of people learning how to get synergy out of those people to solve complex problems.”

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Carson also discussed the issue of Planned Parenthood and whether or not he would defund the organization.