NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It was a marriage that shouldn’t have been — couldn’t have been — writes Lucinda Franks of her nearly 40-year-long marriage to former Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau.

She was a reporter and hippy anti-war protester who had chained herself to the White House fence. He was a symbol of the establishment, 30 years her senior and a widower with five children.

Franks has written a book about their love affair, titled “Timeless: Love, Morgenthau and Me.”

“He was an old man of 53, I think, and he was a source for me at The New York Times,” Franks told WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell. “I never in a million years in my dreams thought I would marry a man old enough to be my father.”

Morgenthau was a source for Franks, she thought, until he invited her to a party for Jimmy Carter at the home of historian Arthur Schlesinger.

“And I was a hippy, anti-war person,” Franks said. “It was back in the ’70s, and so I got on my best silk peasant blouse, my bell-bottoms and a nice pair of platform shoes. I thought it looked very spiffy.”

All the high-society dames, however, thought she looked homeless. But Morgenthau just kept smiling — and not at the likes of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, but at her.

And that was the beginning of what Franks describes as their “timeless love.”

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