WHITEHOUSE STATION, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — It’s a ride that few get to experience, the control car just isn’t big enough, but on Friday, CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock got to fly in a blimp.

It was a relatively relaxing journey, until it was time to land.

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MetLife’s Snoopy2 measures 128′ long and weighs 2 tons, the blimp looks big, but it’s bouyant.

“Just like a ship floating on the ocean or a submarine floating in the ocean, it’s the fluid that’s holding you up,” Chief Pilot Allan Judd said.

Judd assured CBS2’s news crew that the airship is filled with inert helium which means it won’t blow up like the Hindenburg. The balloon is nearly impossible to pop.

“If you’re looking at the white fabric it looks like a screen door, well that screen door had been replaced with Kevlar, it’s very, very strong,” he said.

The view from above showed the green of the Garden State all the way to the horizon.

A mounted camera on the blimp has an 80x zoom that provides stunning aerials for CBS Sports.

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“He can get right on in there and watch the putt go along the green,” Judd said, “We do see some amazing stuff.”

Amazing stuff like the New York City skyline.

The return trip took a little while with head wind, and a rising air current forced the blimp back up quickly during landing.

Finally the ship stabilized and the envelop pressing landing was complete.

“We’re like a cottonseed, wind goes wherever, we go wherever, and it’s thanks to these guys here that we’re able to do this together,” Judd said.

With the blimp attached to its mooring and feet back on solid ground, CBS2’s crew settled their heart rates and focused on a blimp ride that won’t be forgotten.

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