NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)The Mets‘ championship chase has been deeply personal for a Putnam County family.

The game is not just a pastime; it is helping them conquer the stress of difficult times.

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Corrine Santiago, 22, of Carmel, was recently heard calling into WFAN, explaining how Mets mania has been saving her family’s sanity.

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“My mom has been out of work since May, and unfortunately my dad is going to be out of work starting next week,” she said. “But every single night, we’re coming together.”

CBS2’s Dave Carlin tracked down Santiago, who explained that the food company her mom worked for downsized, and her dad was let go as an engineering consultant.

And that’s not all.

Santiago and her older brother are also looking for work, she said.

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“When it rains, it pours, I guess,” she said. “But the Mets are putting a smile on my face clearly.

“Last night, everybody was really, really down. My mom had a couple of interviews that didn’t go so hot or didn’t go as great as she wanted them to. And actually when (Lucas) Duda hit the home run, when he got out of his slump, the whole mood in my house just turned around. It was like the light went on.”

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Said her father, Jeffrey: “And that’s what I’ve tried to teach my kids and my family is, hey, people are going to go through tough times, but it’s only going to make the good times sweeter. Just like the Mets.”

Mets fan say what they’re learning from their team this season is, no matter what trouble you’re going through, this, too shall pass.

“The Mets going to a World Series will probably eliminate — I don’t want to say all, but just about any trouble you may have and make it seem like not a big deal because you get to enjoy something that you probably thought you would never get to enjoy,” said WFAN host Evan Roberts.

So the Santiagos won’t despair. Just like the Mets, they’ll rise.

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“As long as we have each other, it’ll be all right,” Corrine Santiago said.