NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A driver was spotted weaving in and out of traffic during a wild chase in Brooklyn this week – placing other motorists in danger.

As CBS2’s Dave Carlin reported Tuesday night, the chase in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn was all caught on dashcam video that was supplied exclusively to CBS2.

It started with a carjacking on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway Tuesday morning, which was picked up on a crystal clear dashcam.

“You don’t see this every day,” said the driver with the dashcam, who did not wish to be identified. “This is insane.”

The dashcam video showed just about every twist and turn of a police chase after the carjacking. Officers were in pursuit of a Honda Pilot with dealer plates on it.

“I see a Honda Pilot coming all the way from the right lane, merging all the way to the left lane, with a police car behind him,” the dashcam operator said. “I just pulled in right behind him and I just started following him.”

Police identified the suspect as old Miquel Avilon, 21, who likely did not count on rainy morning traffic slowing him down.

A side view shot from the video system showed the stolen vehicle hitting another car.

“He hit that BMW. He kept on driving. He backed up and rammed him again, and backed up, and rammed him again,” the dashcam operator said.

The dashcam operator’s car was also struck.

“Then I got hit from the white car — from the white Suburban — and I’m like, ‘OK, this guy’s crazy. I saw that he was going to hit anything that was in his way.”

Meanwhile, the police vehicle chasing the reckless driver got stuck behind a semi-trailer truck, the dashcam operator said.

The offending driver was seen flying off the 39th Street exit ramp onto Fourth Avenue and jumping the curb – hitting the sidewalk hard.

“That basically took out his front right control arm or axle control, It disabled him,” the dashcam operator said. “They shattered his window and they pulled them out, and he started fighting with him.”

The suspect was in custody facing many charges late Tuesday. He was expected to appear before a judge between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.


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