NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It could be said that it takes a whole lot of weird to turn the heads of New Yorkers, but one group of pranksters got the best of many of them over the weekend while also paying homage to a new New York City celebrity — the pizza rat.

Video of the group’s shenanigans was posted to the YouTube channel PrankvsPrank on Sunday, showing dozens of once-steadfast New Yorkers screaming, cowering, and running away from a motorized replica of the infamous pizza rat.

In one shot, the camera follows the fake rat through a crowded street fair as dozens of people hop, skip and jump out of the way — some screaming for dear life.

The real pizza rat was recorded in its attempt to bring an entire New York slice down a flight of steps into the subway back in September.

“Watching this rat trying to carry something bigger than him down the stairs is in a way a great encapsulation of what it’s like to be a New Yorker,” comedian Matt Little, who shot the video, joked.

The viral video became so popular that many donned their own version of the pizza rat as a Halloween costume this year.

Curious how these pranksters created the motorized replica pizza rat? Click here.


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