NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — They might be man’s best friends, but dogs can be heroes to one another.

As CBS2’s Jamie Yuccas reported, like people, canines sometimes need blood transfusions.

Brody the dog didn’t always have as much energy as he does now. During a routine neutering, something went wrong, and he needed blood fast. Luckily, the clinic had a donor on call.

Flannery Animal Hospital in New Windsor has a rotating list of nine dogs that can donate blood at any time.

Judy Chura-Suchara’s pit bull Zuka has gotten the call at 2 a.m.

“I told her, ‘you’re going to save someone’s life tonight,’ and she does, and it’s great,” she said.

The blood is only good for about 30 days, so many clinics around the country struggle to keep enough on hand.

Veterinarian Frank Puccio said most pet owners don’t realize their dog could be a candidate.

“They need to be between 50 and 100-lbs, fit, not under or overweight, and undergo routine exams,” Puccio explained.

Just like people, donors have to be screened for diseases, but dog donors also have to be calm.

They must also have a universal blood type.

Big dogs like Kia, a German Shepard, are usually the best donors.

The whole process takes 15 minutes, the pups get a cookie at the end, and their good deeds keep dogs like Brody alive.

There are commercial blood banks and some universities have set up blood donor programs. If you’re interested in your dog becoming a donor, just ask your local vet for information on screening.