NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — For some, there is a flip side to holiday cheer — many relationships don’t stand up to the stress that comes with the season.

As CBS2’s Kristine Johnson reported, more and more people are turning to an app to deliver the bad news, bringing breakups into the digital age.

The Break Up Shop offers to end your relationship for you — by sending a personalized break-up message to your soon-to-be ex on your behalf.

Kanye Myers wanted a holiday escape from his relationship but, he let The Break Up Shop do it for him.

“It was as easy as going on the website choosing choosing the $10 text break up option,” Myers said.

A text, a phone call — even a letter — can be purchased through the site to do the dirty work.

“There’s all these services that can help you get into relationships, but none that help you get out of a relationship,” Break Up Shop co-founder Mackenzie Keast said.

Keast claims for those finding love through apps like Tinder, there should be an equally easy way to end it.

“A lot of people will initially think it’s a prank or it’s a joke, and we have to remind them, we’ve been hired on behalf of so-and-so to break up with you for them,” Keast said.

But psychologist Barbara Greenberg says a split can be even more painful when it comes via smartphone, saying, “I think we have unfortunately gone to the dark side.”

“You may meet via technology, but you don’t have the relationship on technology, so I think the ending deserves a lot more respect,” Greenberg said.

Greenberg say she’s in favor of apps that can help navigate feelings like Breakup RX, or even a Facebook option that allows you to cut down on contact. But, breaking up should be done face to face, she said.

“Grow up and talk to the person in person,” Greenberg said.

But Keast says for less serious relationships, this can be a more pain-free way to go.

“They can come to us and still offer that other person closure, and we’ll do that work for them so there’s no hassle; there’s no awkwardness,” Keast said.

Break-up packages start at ten dollars, but the most expensive package, which includes flowers for your ex, will cost you $48. The Break Up shop also offers users the ability to send their former significant other “break-up gifts,” like wine, Netflix gift cards and ‘The Notebook’ on Blu-Ray.

However, experts say the most fair thing to do is to give the other person closure — and to do it in person.