NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Whether you head to Times Square or somewhere else, New Year’s Eve is the most festive night of the year for many people. But for others it can be a big let down.

CBS2’s Elise Finch found out why some people have the blues about New Year’s Eve and how they overcome them.

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Watching people celebrate New Year’s is like watching the world’s biggest party, but for some, it’s a party they feel like they weren’t invited to, Finch reported.

“I think that there’s a lot of unnecessary emphasis that we put on being at parties or being somewhere fun and having some kind of fun New Year’s Eve plan,” said one man.

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Psychologist Jeff Gardere said that line of thinking can often lead to depression.

“It really is about the expectation that you’re supposed to be smiling and having a good time and partying it up as much as possible, so if you’re not fitting that expectation then something’s wrong with you,” Gardere said.

But many New Yorkers said they’re skipping Times Square and pricey parties for different activities this New Year’s Eve.

“They have midnight yoga class, which is really cool,” said Donna Vaughn.

“I got to a comedy club,” said one man.

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“There’s a New Year’s Eve run at 12 o’clock in Central Park, which is cool,” said Emma Karlin.

“My husband is going to be away this year for New Year’s Eve, so we’re going to be Skyping,” said Stephanie.

“We spent New Year’s Eve in church with family,” said William Perez.

“Maybe you want to volunteer someplace…where you’re with other people,” said John Abate.

“Rent a good movie, a movie you’ve always wanted to watch, and have cheese and crackers and treat yourself,” said Connie Abate.

“Don’t judge yourself if you want to like celebrate the New Year just sitting on your couch,” said Richard Walters.

Mental health experts said it really doesn’t matter what you decide to do or not do on New Year’s Eve as long as you make a plan ahead of time, Finch reported.

“Even if I’m alone there are two or three things that I will do to at least be action oriented in bringing in the new year,” Gardere said.

“Take the moment, not to think about what everyone else is doing, but how you want to start your year, what do you want it to be, and take a moment that evening alone and begin it with you,” said Monique Walker.

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So no matter what it is, pick your activity and have a very happy New Year.