NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The extreme weather over the last few days has certainly taken a toll on all of us.

But what if limited exposure to cold could actually help you lose weight, or help prevent aging skin?

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Some are using blasts of cold as a beauty trick. With the “cyrofacial,” liquid nitrogen is blasted onto the skin at temperatures ranging from minus 151 to 180 degrees celsius — about 290 degrees below zero, CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez reported.

Cryofacial client Kathleen Moore said the idea was worth it.

“I don’t like being cold either, but if it freezes your beauty, I’m in,” Moore said.

Some experts also say the 10-minute session can help rejuvenate skin and keep it looking young.

“They see immediate results,” said Olga Mozgovoy, a skintology aesthetician. “Skin became more even, reduced pore size, your skin refreshed.”

According to Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center Alexes Hazen, a more long-term study is needed n extreme cold as a beauty treatment. But as a quick fix, an icy application done carefully has been known as an effective re-fresher

“We do know that doing any kind of cryotherapy is an excellent choice for swelling and swelling is one of the things that makes people look tired makes their face and skin look very old and aged,” Hazen said.

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Cold can also help shed unwanted weight.

“Mild intermittent cold exposure several times a day can burn hundreds of calories,” Dr. Wayne Hayes said.

Hayes, an astrophysicist from NASA, designed the Cold Shoulder Calorie Burning Vest — designed with pockets of strategically placed ice to make the body work harder to stay warm.

According to Dr. Hayes, you can lose about 50 pounds in a year by incorporating the vest into your weight loss plan. There are also cold shorts that promise an increased calorie burn.

“We’re aiming to burn one extra pound of fat a week by wearing the vest,” Hayes said.

The vest should be worn twice a day for about an hour while you’re traveling to work, or at your computer – a passive activity

“It will increase your metabolism over time and while you’re experiencing it,” Hazen said. “It will also increase your metabolism so you will lose weight.”

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The vest costs between $150 and $200.