NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/CBS News)Donald Trump‘s campaign offered to present a veterans charity group with a large check if they appeared on stage with him at a New Hampshire campaign rally the night before the primary vote, the group’s director told CBS News Monday.

Trump’s campaign called Keith Howard, Executive Director of Liberty House, asking him to appear on stage Monday night with Trump in Londonderry, New Hampshire, Howard told CBS News. At the event, Trump would present Liberty House with a six figure check, Howard said.

New Hampshire’s primary vote, the first in the nation, is Tuesday.

Howard declined to appear, saying his charity shouldn’t be presented with money from a candidate at during a political rally, according to The Daily Beast, who first reported the story.

“This is not directed at the Trump campaign. This is about any campaign,” Howard said, according to the website. “I’ll be goddamned if I, in any way, support a political candidate or make a campaign appearance with any candidate.”

Howard was concerned that Liberty House, a nonprofit, could be put in legal jeopardy due to the perception of a public endorsement of a presidential campaign, CBS News reported.

CBS News is awaiting word back from the Trump campaign.

Liberty House is one of 22 charities that is set to receive a portion of the $6 million dollars the Trump campaign said they raised at an event the night Trump boycotted the Fox News Republican debate.

Liberty House says they still plan on accepting their portion of that gift, but in a less public way than appearing on stage with Trump.


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