Perry, the founder of New York Street Food, brings you his latest review on New York City street food.

Have you ever wanted to be a member of a “secret society”? Well, you can eat like a Mafia Don, at a fraction of the price, at DiSO’s Italian Sandwich Society.

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DiSO’s is like a top-notch Italian deli, but on wheels. They have a bunch of specialty meats to choose from, such as proscuitto, mortadella, capicola, salami and sopressata, as well as all the attendant fixings.

The menu is large, so you might want to take a look before heading over. Otherwise, you’ll be standing there for 5 minutes trying to decide. In addition to the regular menu, they usually have a Daily Specials Menu, too.

We ordered the Don Vitone, which was $11.50 for a hero, or $8.50 for a half hero or half a focaccia sandwich. Of course we went for the full hero.

(credit: Perry R.)

(credit: Perry R.)

The Don Vitone has sopressata, proscuitto, fresh mozzarella, sweet roasted red peppers and a spread of olive tapenade.

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Visually, the sandwich had a bunch of sopressata sticking out the sides, but layered underneath was everything else we just named.

The sopressata added a little spiciness to the sandwich, but it was not even close to too hot. The proscuitto was silky, but also quite salty. We seem to have gotten more sensitive to salt over the last few years.

The olive tapenade and roasted red peppers perked up the sandwich nicely. Unfortunately, the fresh mozzarella was pretty much buried under the other ingredients. We could barely taste it. Maybe a stronger cheese like asiago, or even smoked mozzarella, would have come through better.

The bread was good. It had some crispiness and chewiness, holding the fort down for everything on it, and was enjoyable in its own right.

DiSO’s Italian Sandwich Society parks at some of the usual food truck stops in midtown and downtown. We caught them on 48th St between 6th & 7th Ave on Tuesday, but you can find them on Twitter here, on Facebook here, and their website is here.

If you want an old-school Italian hero, DiSO’s is the place to go. We also recommend the sandwiches with chicken cutlets as the main ingredient. They have a nice selection of vegetarian sandwiches, too.

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