MILLBURN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Somebody’s driving off with luxury cars parked in a New Jersey community, but many residents there don’t even know it.

Virginia Roriston was awoken by police Wednesday morning, CBS2’s Meg Baker reported. She had no idea that her black BMW convertible was stolen from her driveway on Forest Drive in Short Hills while she slept.

“I was pretty much stunned. I couldn’t believe it,” she said.

How did police realize the vehicle was stolen?

“They had gotten my license plates off the vehicle in a high-speed chase and they ran the plates and that’s how they came back here,” Roriston said.

Roriston said she had been shuffling cars in and out of the driveway as she was moving into her new home and may have left the keys inside. Tread marks can be seen where the thieves sped off her lawn.

“They wiped out one of my benches,” she said.

Roriston wasn’t the only one hit Tuesday evening. Another car was stolen around the block on Hobart Street. Police say in the past month there have been two incidents on Fairfield Drive.

“Since March 10, we’ve had six cars stolen,” Millburn Police Captain Michael Mulligan said.

The thieves are going for high-end cars  like BMWs, Mercedes, and Acuras overnight.

“This neighborhood is famously safe,” one resident told Baker.

“We came from Hoboken in the city area so we’re a little more cautious about our safety and stuff,” another resident, Sheila, said.

Officials say to keep doors locked and to never leave keys in a vehicle.

Roriston is hoping her EZ pass records will lead police to the robbers.

Millburn police are now collaborating with Essex, Union, and Morris County police to battle a rash of car thefts.


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