NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)– Polish-American communities around the country will celebrate Dyngus Day on Monday.

The traditional celebration is always held on the Monday following Easter, CBS2’s Marissa Perlman reported. The biggest festivities will be held in Buffalo, New York.

Some of the area’s Polish populations have been waiting for the day for weeks. But if you’re not from the area you may be asking, “What is Dyngus Day?”

“Dyngus Day is a big Polish festival and everybody has another excuse to get after it in Buffalo,” Alex Jovenettio said.

“It’s a day of indulgence, Lent is over — it’s time to celebrate!” Alicia Pitrzak said.

Dyngus Day traditionally goes back to the 15th century. Polish immigrants brought the celebration to America and it became a post-Lenten tradition. Buffalo’s Polish neighborhoods got it started.

Somewhere along the way, the traditions died out. But it’s been a ten-year stretch of success. Organizers said it’s going to the biggest year yet.

“I think people just love getting together and why not go out and celebrate and have a good time and be proud of your heritage?” one festival goer told CBS2.





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