NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Mathew Perry and Thomas Lennon are back for a second season as everybody’s favorite mismatched friends on the hit CBS sitcom “The Odd Couple.”

CBS2’s Jill Nicolini sat down with the actors ahead of the show’s return.

“How can season 2 be better?” Nicolini asked.

“I show up in a dress at one point, which is pretty exciting,” Lennon said.

“Generally, season 2 is just much better,” Perry said. “The writing got much better, the acting got better, we all sort of geled.”

Perry stars as Oscar and has a new love interest on the show.

“Oscar decides instead of dating just a bunch of different women that he wants to find something substantial and he meets Terri Hatcher,” Perry said.

Lennon plays Felix and says he was shocked to learn he had to do a scene in the nude.

“It was really distressing,” Lennon said. “Imagine if you are going to work and it’s like, ‘Hey in about 6 weeks you’re going to have to be completely naked on a television show.'”

“I found it distressing when you had me over,” Perry said.

Lennon admits he is a clone of his super uptight character and Perry definitely can relate to Oscar’s untidiness.

“I’m quite similar to Oscar, if I didn’t have housekeepers in my life my house would be an absolute disaster zone,” Perry said.

The new season of “The Odd Couple” returns Thursday night at 8:30 p.m. on CBS2.


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