NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — As the popularity of electric cars keeps going up, expensive sticker prices are expected to come down.

That’s why New York City lawmakers held a hearing Monday, on a bill aimed at installing charging stations in every borough.

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As CBS2’s Emily Smith explained, electric cars can cost a whopping $100,000 but dozens of automakers including Tesla plan to offer electric cars for $35,000 and under in the next year.

Some New York City lawmakers said this will create a sudden need for charging stations in all five boroughs.

The first hearing on the issue took place at city hall on Monday with Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez saying charging stations will be needed.

“If I would decide to get into one, what is the guarantee that I have al electric charger in the five boroughs,” Rodriguez said.

Some chargers allow drivers to go 150 miles on a 20 minute charge.

“We are trying to work the price down so everyone can own one of those cars,” Will Nicholas, Tesla said.

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A Tesla spokesperson said once that happens next year, people from all over the country will be looking to charge up when traveling to NYC.

There are currently 280 public charging site in the city, including three in a Brooklyn garage where people say they get used less than once a month.

Those are inside parking garages and for customers only.

If the bil goes through there would be electric charging stations on at least two streets in every borough. The cost to use the chargers still has not been determined, and whether the stations will impact parking remains to be seen.

Lawmakers said the lower priced plug in cars, rebates, and tax incentives up to $9,500 mean you will likely see a charging station on a street near you.

Monday’s meeting was the first on the subject, and there is still no timetable for the proposed plan.


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