Perry, the founder of New York Street Food, brings you his latest review on New York City street food.

After our visit to the Jolly Fat Pig truck about 6 months ago, we’ve been looking forward to a return visit. Not because our first visit was amazing, but because we didn’t order pork from a food truck named Jolly Fat Pig!

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On our second trip a few days ago, this situation was remedied. We ordered a pulled pork sandwich, which cost $6, an excellent value if the food is good.

The sandwich came on a toasted ciabatta roll, which was more like a hero (or a sub/hoagie/grinder, depending upon where you grew up). We’re glad the roll was toasted, because the sandwich was quite moist, and it probably would have fallen apart otherwise.

All the sandwiches at Jolly Fat Pig come with your choices of meat and sauce, plus their “cabbage slaw”. (Isn’t that redundant? Aren’t slaws generally made with cabbage?)

There are seven meats to choose from on the menu, at the basic price of $6 for a sandwich and $11 for a platter, including pork, chicken and chorizo. The beef brisket, pork belly and grilled skirt steak are $1 extra.

The pulled pork was good. The meat had a nice flavor, was tender, and was not dry at all. Even the pieces not flavored by slaw and bbq sauce were like that.

In the photo below, it looks like there was a lot of meat on the sandwich, but there really wasn’t. It wasn’t a tiny portion, but with the size of the roll, we would suggest ordering extra meat for $2.

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(credit: Perry R.)

(credit: Perry R.)

You have a choice of 5 sauces, and we selected maple sriracha bbq sauce. Other choices include jalapeño cilantro aioli, cranberry mayo, pink sauce and hot sauce.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t nearly enough sauce on the sandwich, so we didn’t really taste the maple part of the equation, or the sriracha for that matter. They definitely need to include more sauce on the sandwiches.

The cabbage slaw was bathed in a sweet vinegar sauce, and also included carrots, but no mayo. The slaw was the culprit behind the amount of moistness on the sandwich. We liked the flavor and it added an interesting dimension to the sandwich, but the slaw should have been drained a little more before being put on the sandwich.

Overall, we enjoyed lunch from the Jolly Fat Pig, but it could have used more meat and bbq sauce (which is the same criticism we had of the brisket sandwich 6 months ago). At $6 for a lunch this size, it’s not a bad deal, but we would have preferred a fatter sandwich for $8. Maybe that’s just us (and our yuuuge appetite!)

You can find the Jolly Fat Pig on Twitter here, and their Facebook is here.

(credit: Perry R.)

(credit: Perry R.)



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