BERGENFIELD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A New Jersey homeowner was unnerved after a close encounter with a bear this past weekend.

Marguerite Barlovic of Bergenfield saw the black bear pouncing near a golf course Sunday night. There have been several bear sightings in recent days just blocks from a busy business district.

Wildlife experts said it appears the bear weighs about 60 pounds.

“To have a bear that close it was a little nerve-wracking, because it was small, and I knew it was a baby bear,” Barlovic said. “Where there’s a baby, there’s usually a mama bear somewhere.”

An animal control expert said bears are sent out on their own after a year or two.

“They do have young at their side, but if that young is one or two years old, it’s time for them to move on — and mom lets them know in no uncertain manner,” said Carol Tyler of Tyco Animal Control.

Experts remind homeowners not to use bird feeders this time of year because they also attract bears.


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