NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Youngsters in Westchester County were learning the rules of the road Thursday, to stay safe while riding their bikes outside.

CBS partnered with AAA Northeast to educate elementary school children and show off the importance of following traffic signals.

As CBS2’s Raegan Medgie explained, for the children it’s a lesson about sharing the road.

“They’re trying to teach you how to be safe on your bike, like not go speeding, not go skidding,” Henry Sklar said.

Sklar is one of the many students at Central School in Larchmont who ride their bike to school.

It’s important for him and his classmates to know and understand the rules of the road.

“You start early and hopefully they won’t build up bad habits like those crazy cyclists we see on the streets of New York this time of year,” Robert Sinclair, AAA, said.

The young riders lined up to get their helmets checked, then they got their bikes tuned and pedaled over to Detective Maier for some safety lessons.

“They teach us how to cross the street with our bike and where to park our bike,” Isabelle Sklar said.

Once they got their safety lesson the kids hit the obstacle course.

“This is the only type of training youngsters get. To bike all you have to do is buy a bike and you’re on the street. Unless you had training like this you might not know anything about the rules of the road and you really have to know them,” Sinclair said.

It’s the part of the event Henry was looking forward to so he could put his skills to the test.

“Not speeding, slower, look both ways. If you don’t know how to ride a bike they can help you a little bit,” he said.

AAA will be visiting other schools throughout New York City to promote bike safety education.


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