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The term ‘triangle offense’ has been synonymous with New York basketball since the first day Phil Jackson took over as president of the Knicks in 2014, but many still don’t quite understand it no matter how many times the concept is explained.

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Thankfully, for those who are still struggling to grasp the triangle offense – like last year’s entire Knicks team, for example – Metta World Peace is here to explain the triangle offense in the simplest terms possible.

Let’s listen in:

Not knocking Jeff Hornacek before he even starts the job, but World Peace might have been robbed out of a coaching gig.

I’m not sure calling three members of his starting five “three other random dudes” is the best way to go about things, but you have to respect his direct, no-nonsense, simplistic approach to the offense.

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And using apples, oranges and parfaits to illustrate his point? Master stroke.

Keep doing you, Metta, with videos like this the phone is sure to ring for a coaching gig soon enough.

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