NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — “Hamilton” is breathing new life into American and New York history.

The Broadway musical is sparking renewed interest in all things Hamilton, including Hamilton Grange.

“This is…the only house Alexander Hamilton ever owned,” said lead park ranger Vladimir Merzlyakov.

Nestled on 141st Street after being relocated twice, Hamilton’s two-story federal-style home was once a quiet outpost for the National Park Service.

“We tripled our numbers in a day to the point where you need to come at least half an hour to an hour early just to make sure you have a spot on our tour,” Merzlyakov said. “Some people come in singing the songs.”

Thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s rap, many visitors to the house know more about the orphaned immigrant Founding Father.

“This is history presented in a way that’s never been presented before, you can really see it’s grabbing the interest of people that normally would not be interest in American history,”Merzlyakov said.


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