NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Beyond the hissing of summer lawns in Chappaqua, there has been much hissing between residents over what to do about the coyotes.

As CBS2’s Steve Langford reported, a spring surge of sightings and attacks has sharply divided the town over whether to trap coyotes or not.

“I’d have to say yes because it poses a problem for children, the children out playing, and pets,” one resident said.

“I think there’s more humane ways to deal with the problem than trapping,” another added.

Jackie Meyers said she just recently managed to save her dog from the clutches of a coyote.

“I saw the coyote crouched down and the coyote had her,” she said.

Town officials wouldn’t talk about the coyotes or provide any real information saying, “it’s a pretty touchy subject.”

Trapper Dan Maguire said coyotes are extremely smart predators that are rarely scared or fooled.

“A coyote is an opportunist. It will take or kill anything that it smaller than him for sure,” Maguire said.

Chappaqua has indicated it plans to hire an animal control officer in response to the coyote influx, but New York State Officials said if a coyote is trapped it must be euthanized.



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