NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)– A man is in the hospital and the prognosis is grim after an alleged road rage incident was caught on camera in Queens.

CBS2’s Alice Gainer spoke to the victim’s son to learn more about what happened.

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Dash cam video from 68-year-old Chun Tse’s car shows what appeared to be a minor car crash. You then see Tse walk to the front of the car and another man can be seen as they exchange information. Tse goes out of view and the other man runs over and the viewer hears what appears to be a hit.

Tse is now in the hospital on life support.

“We’re at a loss right now. I don’t know what to decide, he’s on his death bed,” his son said.

The victim’s son, who did not wish to show his face, said his father was headed to a senior center where he volunteers as a cook. Initially police told him the driver in the other car said Tse slipped and fell, however that doesn’t appear to be the case.

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“Doctors at the hospitals say those injuries cannot be sustained from a fall, too damaging,” he said.

On Tuesday, police found security video from Colden Street that shows 44-year-old Cleamon Anderson punching Tse and causing him to fall to the ground and hit his head. Anderson was in the car with his sister Robin Anderson Scott, an off-duty school safety agent.

Anderson was arrested Tuesday. Tse’s family wants justice.

“I want him to get the maximum punishment. I think my dad would want justice for himself,” the victim’s son said.

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Anderson has been charged with assault. Sources said Anderson has four prior arrests. He awaits arraignment as the Tse family rallies around their father’s hospital bed.