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After winning the Super Bowl in 2007 against the heavily-favored and previously undefeated New England Patriots, the New York Giants were the toast of the town back in New York to say the very least.

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Besides the glory of winning a Super Bowl and a parade for the ages through the Canyon of Heroes, the Giants were also doted on around town after their historic win.

For example, Giants’ linemen David Diehl and Shaun O’Hara were on Good Morning Football on the NFL Network on Thursday and Diehl revealed a pretty cool and unknown story stemming from that epic win.

“My favorite story and memory of it, there was probably 20 of us out to eat on the Thursday after and we’re at Nobu down in Chelsea,” Diehl said. “We’re down there, we’re all having a great meal, we’re all talking and celebrating and our host comes back and he brings a phone and he says ‘you know, I have to put this on speaker, somebody wants to talk to you.'”

“He turns it on, ‘New York Giants, this is Robert De Niro.’ So Robert De Niro gets on and he says ‘I just want to say thank you for doing what you guys did on the football field. You guys exemplified everything about being a New Yorker — the toughness, the grit, fighting through things. Enjoy the night, dinner’s on me.'”

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It’s pretty cool to get a phone call from a legend like De Niro any time, but especially awesome when he praises you and then picks up what was sure to be a five-figure tab at one of New York’s finest restaurants.

Especially if your name is Eli Manning it turns out, because O’Hara added that De Niro, “got Eli off the hook” as he was in line to pay for the meal otherwise.

It sure is good to be the champs.

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