NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)– A Brooklyn neighborhood is in uproar, saying the city is now demanding they pay to park. New meters have been installed in spots that used to be free, CBS2’s Steve Langford reported.

Suddenly having to worry about feeding the meter on a few streets in Bay Ridge is not change everyone believes in.

“It’s too much. They should let people park for free,” one local resident said.

Sections of Third and Fourth Avenues, along with some spaces on side streets are now subject to Muni-Meter parking.

“There’s no more free anything, everything is taken away from us,” the resident said.

Some business owners like the new paid parking, because it means more customers can find a spot.

“More turnover because before the Muni-Meters I couldn’t park,” one owner said.

An online petition is demanding the new paid parking spots be removed, or alternative free parking be provided for local residents. Some people seem resigned to it.

“If I could get away without paying, but what’s gotta be’s gotta be,” one man said.

The local city councilman said he’s made a request that some of the new paid spots be set free once again.

The City Department of Transportation told CBS2 metered parking along the avenues was instituted in direct response to businesses that want better parking turnover.



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