NEWTOWN, Conn. (CBSNewYork)–  Broadway is once again coming to Newtown, Connecticut.

NewArts, a nonprofit theater organization, is putting on its sixth and seven shows for the summer and incorporating almost 200 children from the area to help onstage, backstage and in the orchestra, according to a press release.

The organization calls it a “continuation of its mission to use the performing arts to promote healing and strength.”

The latest shows include “School of Rock” and “The Wizard Of Oz.”

The “School of Rock” production will feature Dante Melucci, the original child actor drummer “Freddie” from the Broadway production, in the orchestra. The “Wizard of Oz” production will feature two casts, “Tornado” and “Twister.”

“The participating children will be entertaining the community with a Broadway-quality performance, but more importantly, throughout the rehearsal process, they are learning how to overcome obstacles, face their fears and realize the best versions of themselves,” Michael Baroody, MD, Founder of NewArts and the 12.14 Foundation said in the press release.

Numerous children have noted how the powerful program has impacted them in a long-lasting, positive way.

“Fear still whispers in my ear and grabs my hand. But I now have the skills to tell Fear that I’m okay, and that I can handle whatever comes my way,” Nicole Kolitsas, 13, who plays Sophie in “School of Rock,” wrote.

The shows run from August 5 through August 14. The venue for both productions is Walnut Hill Community Church and ticket prices range from $17.50 to $27.50. Visit the website for more information on dates, times, and tickets.