NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Police were searching Wednesday night for a woman on a bicycle who scratched a man’s face and grabbed his sunglasses during a confrontation while he was driving in Brooklyn.

CBS2’s Valerie Castro talked to the victim exclusively Wednesday.

A woman in a red shirt appears in video recorded by a car’s dashcam around 1:40 p.m. this past Friday. The driver behind the wheel said if it weren’t for the video, he would never have proof of the tirade she unleashed on him in Williamsburg last week.

“The fact that she went crazy when someone honked at her; the way she acted out,” the driver said.

The 22-year-old victim, who did not want to be identified, said he was driving down Roebling Street when the woman on the bike crossed in front of him.

After passing her with no interaction, she eventually caught up to him at a red light at South 6th Street and Wythe Avenue.

“She was going to pass the red light, so I just honked at her – I honked my horn from my car – and I just showed her that it’s a red light,” he said.

The honk got the woman’s attention. She is seen abruptly getting off the bike, throwing it down in front of the car, and storming over to the driver’s side.

“From that second on, she went violent. She went crazy. She jumped off her bike. She starting cursing,” the man said. “Literally, I’ve never in my life heard a person curse like that for like five minutes.”

The driver said the woman took a picture of his license plate before walking over to his window and grabbing his sunglasses.

“She sprung her hand in and just grabbed it off my face,” he said.

The man said the woman but the shades on her head, and eventually into her purse.

“You can say whatever you want and you can be mad and everything, but you can’t take my glasses, and you can’t touch me,” the driver said.

Police late Wednesday were searching for the woman in red. They said she is facing robbery charges.

The victim said he got the dash camera for his own security, in case he is ever involved in an accident.
He said he never imagined it would capture an incident like the one he experienced.

The victim said the woman also scratched his face when she took the sunglasses.

The suspect was described as about 25 years old with long black hair. She was last seen wearing a sleeveless red T-shirt, black shorts, a black baseball cap and eyeglasses, and was carrying a black purse and riding a black and green bicycle.

Anyone with any information on the suspect is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS, of for Spanish at 1-888-57-PISTA (74782). You can also submit a tip via the Crime Stoppers website or by texting a tip to 274637 (CRIMES) and then entering TIP577.

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  1. Dj says:

    I hate bicyclists.

  2. Wonder where she was going after she stopped off at the Angry Atheist Lesbians for Hillary meeting?

    1. CZSeventy5 says:

      She went to her weekly “Stop the Violence Of the White, Male Dominated Right” meeting.

  3. jj says:

    Typical self-entitled violent Leftist.

  4. ChrisGC says:

    PMS maybe? Or just a b***ch on wheels?
    Either way, she assaults me I’m gonna show her the error of her ways real quick!

  5. Sagesteve says:

    She’s a Hilldabeast supporter for sure!!! THEY are MORONS…every single one of THEM!!!!

  6. Two words: Pepper spray

      1. commie owe bommie says:

        two words: drive forward.

  7. Sailordude says:

    How long has he lived in New York? Must be a newbie.

  8. Igmar Bigman says:

    I would have just run over her bike and gone on.

    1. Dan Raidt says:

      Exactly what I would have done

    2. I ride a bike a lot on the roads…. and if I was that driver in the car, I would have run over her fkg bike too. She was asking for it.

  9. Gamera says:

    Another bike-riding entitled liberal d-bag. As a runner, I see these JOs all the time.

  10. F. McCollum says:

    She’s lucky she reached into the car of some guy with sand in his vagina. One day she’s going to try the same thing and the car driver she attempts to assault is going to grab her hand, pull her in a few more inches, break her wrist and twist her elbow tearing all the connective tissue, and then drive over her little bicycle on the way home before he has a relaxing beer.

      1. commie owe bommie says:

        and you don’t even need a shovel.

  11. When I see a biker on the road, I always tap my horn to let them know I’m there and about to pass them. I figured it’s a courteous warning.

    1. Tom says:

      You should not honk at a bicyclist. The car horn is much louder than you think and scares the crap out of most bicyclists because it is so loud. Car horns are loud enough to be heard inside of another car with the windows shut. Bicyclists generally hear cars approaching just from the motor and tire noise. Please don’t honk. BTW I see lots more anger her from car drivers. It might be important to remember that none of you actually own the road.

  12. Reagle says:

    Woul’ve knocked her the F–K OUT!!!

  13. Manin Thetub says:

    Because after all, the roads were built for bicycles.

    1. Well, actually they are built for ALL VEHICLES. SO, you think you are being a smartazz, but you are being rather stupid. A bicycle IS A LEGAL VEHICLE. And, it has THE SAME RIGHTS as your car. (In some states it has a bit more.)

      That said, as a bike rider, she was a total dooosh baggette. Leaving some of here skin on the pavement might smarten her up. It is bike vs. automobile, so she NEEDS to be smarter.

  14. Exactly why people have started having problems with bike riders. They want the road but don’t want to go by the rules. The old saying is a gentleman should not hit a lady…. this is no lady.

    1. Not all are like that. I see MANY… MANY arsewholes in automobiles, sipping coffee, smoking, on cells, fixing neckties, etc, etc, etc.
      My experience is MUCH higher percentage of idiots in cars than on bikes.
      AND they have NO CLUE about the rules of the road… ie; bikes ARE ALLOWED BY LAW to pass on the right when traffic is stopped – like at a red light. But, man, do they get REAL pizzed if you do it.

  15. Dennis in WV says:

    Put the witch in jail for a couple days.

  16. LMJ313 says:

    I would have run over the bike.

  17. Sean says:

    Typical “ME!, ME!, ME!” liberal.

  18. Jim K says:

    Good ass whipping would have gone along way toward solving what every issues she has.

  19. jim dea says:

    Why in the wide world is this Drudge Report front page news!?????

    1. redruffansore says:

      Why not? Showing yet another deranged liberal out in public IS a public service.

    2. Tom Nichol says:

      Why not? Are you the arbiter as to what a private news aggregate site can post?

  20. Hillary voter without a doubt.

  21. paul vincent zecchino says:

    Psycholists are just oh so special, rules are for others, never for them.

    They’re righteous holy ones who are cutting down on carbon footprints, y’see?

    They look oh so splendid in their ‘look at me!’ costumes, the sweep-back spaceman hats, the bug-eye goggles and those spandex body stockings; aren’t they just swell!

    And as far as they’re concerned, citizens who are driving because they have to be someplace can just drop dead.

    Psycholists have earned every bit of the rotten reputation they own.

    Prediction: should Trump actually beat the vote-stealing and become president, this will stop.

    The psycholists are being encouraged from on high to ‘get out there and get their faces’.

    And drivers caught on to the psycholists’ penchant for setting them up, and many cars now carry dash-cams to record the antagonistic, reckless behavior of these leftist emotional problem children.

  22. Steven Louis Thury says:

    A disgusting liberal that thinks she is superior because she foolishly thinks she’s saving the planet.

  23. vader says:

    i would have ran her bike over as soon as she dropped it in front of my car.. also with her being aggresive and reaching into her purse she could have been shot who knows what she was reaching for..

  24. matt says:

    what a pos she is.
    btw, there is NO enforcement of traffic rules wrt bicyclists.

  25. Mr. Brink says:

    Its two crazy New Yorkers…….who cares?

  26. Rikki says:

    There ya go. Never drive in NYC with any window open.

  27. gspauld683 says:

    run her over

  28. Joseph P. Campbell says:

    This is typical of New York “courtesies”…

  29. PaulC35 says:

    C’mon, she’s saving the planet! Little things like ignoring traffic laws and assaulting someone have to be forgiven…she’s acting for the greater good.

  30. BillW334 says:

    Go ahead – let Frichickenisha cross against the light. Do your part in dredging the gene pool and let her get hit. If you need to clean your conscience you can offer your video to the cops as evidence of her “entitlement.”.

  31. Honks = racist mysoginy patriarchY! ! ! ! !

    1. TinCanSailor says:

      Honky = One who honks. 🙂

      1. Jim says:

        He’s the Honker. She’s the Honkee.

        1. Senor CO Jones says:

          Your post and the one your replies to are now tied for first place for Best Comment of 2016.

  32. Barry bin Inhalin says:

    I have a crisp thousand in Obama script that says she’s a Democrat.

    1. BillW334 says:

      Shhh… Don’t you know that’s -hers- for the taking? You owe it to her. Payable upon demand.

      1. outlawliberalism says:

        0bamas America, if you have more than me you owe it to me.

  33. Dave Wilshire says:

    I dislike cyclists immensely. They think they own the road and don’t have to follow laws or even courtesies. Now when I pass one in the traffic lane I see how close I can get to “clipping” them. Their reactions are precious and truly make my day.

    1. Well, sir, then you are a fully complete and total idiot. You risk killing a person for a childish inability to control your anger. It is a bike ffs, you are in a car ffs.
      grow up.

  34. Darcy Marketfog says:

    Whether you are riding a Bike or motorcycle, when someone near you hits the horn, it scares the hell out of you. She had a right to be angry, but taking the glasses and attacking the driver was uncalled for. The motorist is responsible for the incident.

    1. You’re part of the problem. You ARE the problem.

    2. Max-well says:

      Giving a short horn toot to a biker that is weaving back and forth across a traffic lane, blocking the flow of traffic and endangering her own safety, is part WHY cars have horns. The entire even starts and ends with HER choices, and her unstable temper. The theft is just another indication of who the woman is.

    3. PaulC35 says:

      Why does she have the right to get angry? Attempting to run a red light and crossing without indication in front of another car are violations and potentially dangerous…mostly to herself. Would it be better he didn’t honk and have her continue to swerve in front of cars and get hit?

      1. S.Boz says:

        It’s the same mentality of people freaking out because you busted them doing something stupid. I get a kick out of people that get all up in a bunch because I don’t want to wait and deal with their stupid texting in traffic. PULL OVER AND TEXT! DON”T DO IT IN TRAFFIC! SIMPLE!

    4. Bali says:

      DO NOT EVER honk at a cyclist. It is so incredibly loud. You have no idea, if you’re not a biker. DO NOT EVER honk at a pedestrian, either. It is boorish, and bullying, and really the worst behavior.

      1. The closeness he’s following shows he’s being aggressive, there is only half the story being told here. You anti bike people really need to know the bike is totally vulnerable to big ass you in your fortress on wheels. A honk while you standing are next to a car engine IS like an assualt, seriously, recalibrate. This is a bitch (the driver) – what a pussie….you don’t need to honk at a bike, tap the horn at most, Give the biker some space, she wasn’t blocking the road, she’s moving at a fast clip, he’s looking for trouble, maybe trying to “catch” – who knows, it’s a non story…CBS, start covering the news, not little NYC bitches.

        1. Don't share the road says:

          nonsense. He was not following close. And no, a horn being honked is most of the time not ver y loud. And if you can’t handle the sound of a horn honking, don’t go near the road. You sound like a typical cyclist – a momma’s boy with an unrealistic, self-righteous attitude.

        2. lobotomies 4 liberals says:

          bikers need to follow the law. it really is that simple. honking a horn is not assault. if you don’t like horns, stay in your safe space. she’s lucky he didn’t drive over her. she deserved it.

        3. Yaspar Kyashed says:

          And what do you call that retina-burning 2500 lumen LED strobe on the FRONT of your bike, A$$HOLE?

      2. omg, that is SO wrong. A short toot or quick horn is communication. Cars letting you know they are close. It does NOT create a deafening, dangerous situation. Being on a road bike IS A DANGEROUS situation.
        Like the others said, if you can;t handle horns, (and in NYC ?) you need to stick to forested trail riding.
        We are SUPPOSED to ring bell, or shout ‘on your left’ , when approaching a pedestrian on the street or trail-way – it is the same thing.

    5. Freeland_Dave says:

      I can see that you are a low information reader. As I recall, the article said he tapped his horn because she was about to go through a red light. That’s both illegal and not a very safe thing to do. So to avoid her getting hit and possibly killed he tapped his horn. Now tell me oh wise one, exactly how is it the driver’s fault? I detest bikers, not motorcyclists. And while some motorcyclists are bad, usually the young ones with the rice rockets, almost all bikers and their support groups are bad. I live on an island where they have all to frequent bike riding contests. The bikers don’t follow the traffic laws and their support groups feel it’s OK to trespass on people’s property, block driveways and block the flow of traffic as they ‘encourage’ their biker on. I have even had tents erected in my front yard by these cretins and have had to have the sheriff’s office cite and remove them. They will ride three abreast blocking the lane of traffic and ride on roads that are not safe for bicyclists as vehicular traffic simply cannot see or avoid them. Their events are supposed to be scheduled and permitted through the county sheriff but to date no permits for this year’s events have been issued. I even had one of their illegal flaggers, flaggers in this state must have a license, try to tell me that I couldn’t drive the road that leads to my home because it was closed for the event. I told him to get the sheriff and drove on. Virtually all these bikers believe they are saving the planet. But they fail to understand their bikes are made from metal that has to go though a foundry powered by fossil fuel, The tires are made of rubber and petroleum products. The grease on their axles come from petroleum as well, not to mention their disgustingly colored spandex covered bony butts sticking up in the air. All in all, most, not all, bikers are simply disgusting and they don’t pay any taxes at all to support the roadway they are riding on. The woman is lucky she didn’t come at me or I would have flatten her.

    6. Don't share the road says:

      She was just standing there. A horn should not have done anything except cause minor irritation, if she is a short tempered jerk. The incident is her fault for cutting in front of the guy and then getting mad when she was called out for preparing to break the law by running the light.

  35. Derek Long says:

    In some states, that road rage incident would be a felony. Smile for the camera!

  36. ImYup says:

    She’s clearly a feminist who became triggered by a man who honked his car horn.

    1. pyeatte says:

      Glad I don’t work with her.

  37. Frank Muller says:

    Have a look at Youtube channel “Colin Flaherty” for the truth in all these “missing” ID cases.

  38. Keith Panco says:

    Roads are for cars. Registration and fuel taxes pay for them. When bike owners start paying road taxes, then roads can be for them also.

    1. That is nonsense. THE LAW SAYS roads are for ALL VEHICLES. A bike IS A LEGAL VEHICLE.

      That said, they should follow the rules of the road…. at least as much as car drivers do (more to be safe, because they WILL run you off the road just because they don’t like you on a bike)….

      when YOU get to make the laws, then you can change them. or just write your state rep and wait 30 years for no answer.

      YOU do not get to decide who uses roads ..

      Pedestrians don’t pay for sidewalks, do they. Should YOU eliminate all sidewalks?
      Man, some people are just too short=sighted to be allowed a driver’s license.

      1. btw – check some research you will find that registration, fuel taxes, auto sales taxes, AND excise taxes combined do not pay for even ONE THIRD of the cost of roadways. Taxes from ALL sources help pay… including income taxes, sales taxes and taxes on businesses.
        I dare you to research what you said to reveal how incorrect you are.

  39. Hubert Smith Smith says:

    Peeps on bikes are often arrogant dweebs.

  40. Sean says:

    Should have run over her bike when she put it in front of his car.

  41. itsy_bitsy says:

    Hmm! She is definitely a Democrat! Owns the road and any peon who thinks differently will have to suffer her tirade. Don’t you sub humans know that prima donas like this always have the right of way, as well as the right to take anything of yours she or he so desires. Just ask Obama and Hillary.

  42. John W says:

    I used to ride all over NYC without an issue with other bikers, taxis or cars, but I have seen bikers go ballistic on occasions and I never could understand what got them going off the deep end. They seem to own the road.

  43. NY'er says:

    More evidence how people think they are entitled to do whatever they want and to act however they want. What happened to common courtesy?

    1. BillW334 says:

      Considering that you’re a NY’er you should be well aware that “common courtesy” followed “comment sense” right into the New York sewers years ago.

  44. Bill Kilgore says:

    Looks like a typical beautiful NY neighborhood.

  45. Frank Muller says:

    She’s described as angry and liberal.

    1. Bill Kilgore says:

      Granted the video makes it obvious but did you notice how CBS conveniently did not mention the suspect’s race. How PC of them.

      1. Frank Muller says:

        Have a look at Youtube channel “Colin Flaherty” for the truth in all these “missing” ID cases.

  46. James Rurin. says:

    Bikers – follow the traffic laws or get off the road.

    1. MichMike says:

      Typical of many bike riders. They DEMAND the same rights as vehicles on the roads but believe NONE of the traffic laws apply to them. And as is typical, when someone confronts them about breaking NUMEROUS traffic laws, over and over, they become irate. No doubt in a civil, tolerant, and caring way.

      1. ok, all this rage against cyclists is uncalled for. They have the same rights and responsibilities as any driver. They must obey all traffic rules that a driver must. Now, that being said, this woman was in the wrong. If someone was driving a car the way she was riding her bike, they would have been arrested. She didn’t attempt any turn signal (ie use her arm to mention that she was going to turn left), AND when she was doing he drunk driving impersonation, she was also impeding traffic. Unfortunately the latest generation of cyclists seem to ignore the traffic rules.

        1. S.Boz says:

          Agreed and I like your cat picture, really pretty kitty. That is all.

  47. Typical thuggette…. 💩💩💩💩

    1. John says:

      Oooh. You called her a thug. Dat be raysis.

      1. It’s not racist, a thug is a thug. It’s an act, attitude, action. She stole so she is a thug, plus attitude. Stop hijacking English words, has never meant a race.

        1. jmiloslick says:

          Oooh. You said race. Dat be raysis.

        2. google the definition of ” sarcasm “

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