NEW YORK (WFAN) — WFAN’s Mike Francesa and Ed Coleman were singing the praises of Mets manager Terry Collins on Tuesday.

Despite an onslaught of injuries this season, Collins’ Mets are just one game out of the wild card heading into Tuesday night’s game at Cincinnati.

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“Terry’s done a good job,” Francesa said. ” … I didn’t think he had a great season for a lot of this year, but I think ever since they got on this run, he’s had a tough time. He’s had to juggle a lot of struggling left-handed outfielders. He’s had to deal with that. He’s had to deal with losing really all of his good players, and then to lose Walker when he was red hot. The bottom line is he has really done a heck of a job keeping this team … above water.”

Added Coleman: “He’s had to juggle a lot of balls in the air, there’s no question about that. He’s got to sit down every day and figure out who he can put in the lineup, who’s best in the lineup, who needs a day off, who needs a blow, and it’s not easy.

“I do know one thing: In all the years that he’s been here, even when the team wasn’t as good as it is now and didn’t win as much as it does now, he’s never lost the clubhouse.”

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