LONG ISLAND, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A Long Island teacher faces backlash over a Facebook post calling some of her students “racist.”

The halls of Smithtown High School West echoed with debate and heated conversation Friday as students reacted to the world language teacher’s social media post.

A screenshot of Veronica Welsh’s post was circulated, which read, “This week is spirit week at Smithtown HS West. It’s easy to spot which students are racist by the Trump gear they’re sporting for USA Day.”

Students, dressed in school colors, had vehement reactions.

“She made a mistake by putting the school’s name in it,” one student told CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan. “But she has a right to her opinion.”

“It’s her personal account too, not like she went into school and wrote it or anything. She has the right to do it,” another student said.

“It’s not a good idea because then like she influences the students with the same ideas,” another said.

The school’s superintendent called the posting an extremely unfortunate incident and highly inappropriate.

Welsh was not in school Friday, and CBS2 was not able to reach her at her home nor on her phone.

The original Facebook post was taken down, but parents continued to share their opinions.

“There’s no reason for her to pass judgement on those kids on a social platform,” one parent told McLogan.

“I’m not big on social media, but I think that in the classroom they need to show both sides.” another said.

Welsh remains employed by the school, but has been administratively reassigned. The superintendent said the appropriate disciplinary action is being taken, but did not specify what that means.

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  1. tngilmer says:

    This is what happens when you send your puppies to be educated by pigs, at pig run schools where pig values are forced on your puppies. Never send your puppies to be educated by pigs. (Animal Farm reference)

    1. Jack Coyote says:

      Well said.

    2. rufusvondufus says:

      Just wait until tonight when the “un” biased moderators try to make Trump look foolish which the CNN mods will most certainly do in order to promote the leftist attitudes the bobble-headed bimbo, Hillary Clinton, is attempting to push. CNN is as biased a network as there is.

      1. Sheepleherder says:

        CNN can’t ask him any question that would “make” Trump look foolish. If he looks foolish it will be because he said something foolish. If he does, you can choose to ignore what he says and blame someone else or you can choose to see him for what he is, that’s your choice.

        1. Eric says:

          The Crawley effect. You are full of it.

        2. Marie Browning says:

          Rather vote for a foolish Trump than a crooked Hillary.

        3. Robin Brown says:

          No matter what Trump says the news will report that he looked bad and lost the debate. The press doesn’t even try to hide their bias…They think that “We The People” are that stupid.

          Teachers should teach facts. Supposition and options can be presented after factual teachings for comparison but…A teachers opinion is NOT relevant.

        4. Blomie says:

          And what – you just LOVE the way Hillary lies about everything, even things that don’t matter?? And when she is lying about things that do matter – like people dying – SHE thinks it’s funny and it makes her laugh out loud when a normal person would be horrified. Yeah. You liberals are super-sweet people. Caring nurturers and all that.

      2. Vern says:

        CNN = Communist News Network! Sums up their biased reporting…

        1. Tom Dean says:

          CNN = Clinton News Network.

          Communism is now Globalism – Hillary, Bill and Obama are the leaders of the Globalists.

      3. Divegoddess says:

        Let them! It will only drive those on the fence to Trump

    3. Contra Ventus says:

      My wife asked me to take out the garbage the other day. I asked if I could finish fixing the gas leak in the kitchen stove first. She’s a progressive liberal teacher. You know what she did? She yelled at me and screamed I was a ‘racist’.

      Oddly though, we’re both white.


    4. suibne says:

      then she won’t mind me calling her a phqing socialist piece of sxht.

  2. Nolan Conley says:

    The Left has always championed the right to their opinion… however they are always, without exception, working to block, hinder and repress any opinions from the conservative side. So much for the free flow of ideas and students being able to choose between ideas. Liberalism is a mental disorder, look no further than here for proof.

    1. John Stettner says:

      Excellent post Nolan and right on target!

      1. Nolan Conley says:

        Thank you John… I get so frustrated with the close-mindedness of the left.

        1. they are exactly the opposite of what they claim to be they are actually brainwashed LIARS trained by the communist left to spew their propaganda onto social media

    2. Jack Coyote says:

      Well said, could not agree more.

    3. Right on, Nolan! Could not have said it better! Paraphrasing Liberals: “One set of rules for thee, but not for me”! Whatever happened to academia being the arena of free thought? Liberals have asserted their influence in academia, that’s what!

    4. The goal of the left is the destruction of Western civilization. Despite their protestations otherwise, they have a lust to be ruled by elites.

  3. Thos says:

    I know a teacher who’s first job was in a intercity school. There were several parents that requested that their children be placed in another class, because they did not want their kids to be in a class with a white teacher. The parents request were granted without question.
    Don’t let your children be indoctrinated by government union employees.

  4. Reassigned? Should have been Resigned!

      1. Ray Vigil says:

        Agreed…resignation and firing are appropriate if the story is telling the whole story.

        But, first priority is to protect the children, which suspension does. The final sanctions are not yet determined.

  5. She is just the one who spoke up they ALL think like that. Vouchers now.

  6. Namey Name says:

    Board Of Education….if the Superintendent does not remove this person from the School District, you should fire the Superintendent. Citizens of the town, if the Board does not instruct the Super to remove the teacher, you should vote out the Board members. I am a Board member in my town. This is what I would do. And if my fellow Board members didn’t agree, I would work with other citizens in town to have them replaced. THIS is how you affect change!

  7. Jimmy Chonga says:

    Not long ago, the Church caught all sorts of he_ _ for circulating gay, pedophile priests from the government – precisely the same people that are now using the same ill-fated solution. Perhaps, RIDDING the school system of this kind of sick teacher is a better and more permanent solution, eh?

  8. Welcome to Long Island where 11 year old have school organized and administered LGBT clubs and Multi-culturalism clubs. Meanwhile they have the highest taxes in the nation to pay for the overpaid teachers and administration some administrators over $200,000 per year + pension. Most are educated at local non-competitive schools with brain-dead programs geared for career as an indoctrinator.

  9. Neuro Mancer says:

    Why did they just suspend her (probably with pay)?

    I wouldn’t tolerate someone like that working for me.

    Think about it. If you worked in a grocery store and called your customers racists then you would be fired in a second.

    1. Jon Doe says:

      Why did they just suspend her? The teachers union. That is why. It is next to impossible to fire any teacher for anything now with this union in place. Even if they are sexually molesting the kids they just get suspended with pay. Education will only get worse until this union is dismantled and removed. And as long as it supports democrats that is not going to happen.

  10. Andy Howe says:

    It is one thing to have your view and express them; it is another thing to cast insults at others for their views. What this teacher did just opens up the possibility that she could be accused of favoring and disfavoring some students based on what she believes to be their political beliefs (or even worse on her assumption that a Trump supporter must be racist). How can one expert her to be fair in the classroom if she has shown herself to be unfair outside the classroom. I am not saying that she would not or could not be fair, but she has set forth certain expectations now regarding her behavior and potential bias.
    Besides that her assumption could be wrong, even if you believe that a Trump supporter must necessarily be a racist. I know when I was a teen long ago what I wore as far as slogans on my Tshirts, etc. was just as likely to express my beliefs as not. Often they were worn just to get a rise out of others.

  11. Frank Muller says:

    It’s spelled “Rayyciss”. For a teacher she sure isn’t very smart.
    U rayyciss.

    1. Jack says:

      U just ignant fool!

  12. Trump supporters: “We’re Americans”!
    Clinton supporters: “We’re offended”!

  13. Ladini says:

    No worries. Even if she slept with students, the NY Teacher’s Unions would have had her collecting her checks while sequestered comfortably in one of their Disgraced Teacher “Rubber Room.”

  14. Joe E in the IE says:

    Kids! When in doubt, always WEAR and DISPLAY your CHE!

    Che Guevara tees, hoodies and sweats are always in season, always in good taste and a big hit with teachers and administrators! What’s not to love about a guy who machine-gunned nuns and priests while forcing their students and congregations to watch?


    CHE All The Way and You’ll Always Get an “A”!

    1. Bruce G Frykman says:

      I recently saw a 50’s something man in a gated retirement community in his tennis whites and nike’s, racket in hand walking towards the clay courts – you guessed it a Che’ T adorned his puny little chest.

      He was a retired teacher.

      You cant come by this kind of stupid naturally, you have the be edge-ju-cated this stupid.

  15. Ted Jones says:

    I guess she will only have sex with students who are Hillary supporters?

  16. Tang says:

    Call a Trump shirt racist – get reassigned.

    Call a BLM shirt racist – I bet you get fired.

  17. Fritz-Von-Dago says:

    This happened in NYC what else does the news need to report? We all know NYC is a cesspool full of stinking socialist Democrats. Just look at what the voted into the mayors office for God sakes!

    1. Jack Coyote says:

      Worse than that. It happened on middle Long Island a suburb relatively far away from the communists in NYC and where school taxes are sky high.

  18. Shears says:

    If this teacher can’t control her political opinions with respect to her professional position and her responsibilities as a teacher, she is not suited to the profession. She’s to obsessed to be objective.

  19. Joe E in the IE says:

    Safe bet: The school district already bans attire emblazoned with divisive exclusionary culturally insensitive hateful imagery and/or rhetoric like the American flag and the words “Merry Christmas”.

  20. Sam Dennis says:

    Typical left-wing self-righteous fanatic! The demonization of Trump is their only weapon in trying to get their fatuous ‘goddess’ elected to the presidency. What a joke.

  21. Dwayne Keith says:

    Get used to it. From now on, if you’re not supporting the Democrats…you’re racist.

  22. Ram6 says:

    “It’s her personal account too, not like she went into school and wrote it or anything. She has the right to do it,” another student said.”

    Typical of know nothing students who believe you can say or do anything you want and there are no consequences for your actions. When you post something controversial it reflects also on your employer and they have every right to exact whatever consequences they deem appropriate for that action. Liberals need to stop teaching these kids that the “first amendment” means say whatever you like and you are home free. It doesn’t and they need to know that only the Congress is restricted from making any LAWS abridging freedom of speech. It doesn’t apply to other entities.

    1. Tom Jefferson says:

      You had me until your last remark, which is dead wrong. The Constituional protection of feee speech applies to everyone.

      1. Ray Vigil says:

        No Tom. The first amendment is a limitation on the power of government. It protects you and me and everyone from government sanction based on our speech. It does not protect anyone from non-government responses to their speech.

  23. ImaHippyBurning says:

    Too many Teachers and so called professors today subscribe to the Liberal Indoctrination Theory called “Teaching Kids What To Think NOT How To Think” The oBUMa Acolytes reign supreme in their own minds….

  24. 2ndprotectsall says:

    Enrolling your kid in the public school system is child abuse.

  25. Sandra says:

    My role as a teacher for 38 years was to moderate discussions in my classroom when politics came up. I NEVER entered into the discussions with my opinion. I taught them to respect other opinions, listen attentively and back up what they said with facts not feelings. You could not find a student from my past that could identify me as a Republican or a Democrat. That being said, it’s probably pretty obvious what I am. I was a teacher, not an indoctrinator.

    1. ImaHippyBurning says:

      Bravo! That is how it should be. Regardless of which side you reside on Politically you taught Kids HOW to Think NOT What to Think!

  26. Jay ND says:

    Seems very democratic to me- As she is a “My way or nothing”” like most liberals – no room for others opinions in her world! POS teacher!

  27. Churyl Minne says:

    And another example of bullying and intolerance by liberals. Racism now has basically become just another word, another label that the left uses. It has lost much of its meaning and significance. All they demonstrate nowadays with this attitude is that they are prejudiced against anyone THEY think might be prejudiced. So much for liberal tolerance.

  28. Ross L Rice says:

    Liberals HATE anyone who disagrees with their views …

  29. If her personal views are this extreme, imagine was she’s doing to the minds of her students.

  30. Mario Leli says:

    a beautiful white women coming out as a race traitor being she is in a communist teachers union and went to college easy to see why she hates her own race. would not doubt a couple of 15 year old negroes banging her

  31. Dave says:

    As usual, democrats say the opposite of the truth. It is this teacher who is rayciss…

  32. stonedome says:

    a flat tire in the parking lot, incessant telephone calls at 3am. this is the way students used to punish nitwit teachers in my day

  33. Steven Louis Thury says:

    The fabric of our society is falling apart. Liberalism has infested our culture to produce low life degenerates.

  34. Cato says:

    Could you imagine if someone said, “This week is spirit week at Smithtown HS West. It’s easy to spot which students are racist by the ‘Change You Can Believe’ gear they’re sporting for USA Day.” What would happen at that point? The country is sick of people like this teacher

  35. ounceoflogic says:

    Teachers have little choice but to always support the Democrats… Their union insists. It sounds like the children are the smart ones in this school as in most. They even seem to want to hear both sides but that doesn’t happen in America’s indoctrination centers anymore.

  36. Richard1939 says:

    Anyone that believes that anything is going to happen to this teacher is CRAZY!

  37. ZombyHunter says:

    Supporting Trump does NOT make you a racist. The days of radical Leftist bullies being able to shame good people to silence by slandering them with horrible epithets like “racist, sexist, homophobe etc.” Instead of countering arguments with logics and facts are over!!!!!!! Thank you Donald Trump!

    1. At this point if you’re not a person of color or a Democrat, you are a racist in the eyes of those who believe they are the righteous ones.

  38. c p says:

    It would have been cool if she had added:”And its just as easy to see which students are lying criminals by the Clinton shirts they were wearing”

  39. c p says:

    Anyone who uses Fakebook that much is too stupid and weak-willed to be teaching our children,

  40. Robert Ford says:

    Sue her for slander.

  41. Harry says:

    Femnazis know no bounds when it comes to that denied irrational female emotion. I wonder how she would have reacted if someone shared the same feelings toward Clintoon?

  42. Cato says:

    Its good to know that our teachers are impartial and being neutral when they teach young impressionable minds. We wouldn’t want to influence anyone either way.

  43. I thought schools were supposed to stop bullying of their students. This is an extreme case of bullying and the teacher should be fired.

  44. Fed up says:

    And the teacher is NEVER fired, just quietly moved somewhere else with some vague reference to disciplinary action.

  45. Divegoddess says:

    Teachers have lost their jobs for less. It’s because it’s a liberal that they aren’t fired!

  46. “She has the right to her opinion?” Calling someone racist isn’t an opinion, it’s bigotry and online defamation. Absolutely disgusting.

  47. Andre Paquin says:

    Hello from a Canada Deplorable.

    The teacher/indoctrinator should be reasinged to the unemployment line.

    That is all.

  48. joshua says:


  49. The Facts says:

    Long Island white trash. Crush the Hildabeast!

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