FARMVILLE, Va. (CBSNewYork) — We had our first fact-check of the night ten minutes into the vice presidential debate as Republican Mike Pence called the university where the debate is being held the wrong name.

The Indiana governor thanked Norwood University for their hospitality. However, the debate is being held at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.


“Thank you to Norwood University for their wonderful hospitality and the Commission on Presidential Debates. It’s deeply humbling for me to be here,” Pence said.

Twitter pounced on the miscue.

This is the only vice presidential debate during the election year. The next presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump takes place Sunday night.

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  1. painter33 says:

    Norwood, Longwood, Trump never said that. It’s all the same.

  2. Csuetec says:

    A non-issue. Hillary Clinton mistakenly stated that she was going to raise taxes on the middle class, when she obviously meant to say “lower.”

  3. Greg W says:

    Senator Obama thanked Wellesley University while giving a commencement speech at Wesleyan University, May 25, 2008…

  4. JimInNashville says:

    The word Longwood has been barred on campus because of its association with the sexist porn industry.

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