CEDAR GROVE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Deer can be a serious problem on the roads during the autumn months.

They’re all over the Tri-State area, because as CBS2’s Christine Sloan reported, it’s breeding season.

Deer have been darting out in front of drivers from Suffolk County, Long Island to Cedar Grove, N.J.

“It’s scary at night, and you don’t see them. I am really afraid I am going to hit one,” Margaret Pantusa said.

Peter Klein has come close to crashing into one.

“It’s almost on a weekly basis that I almost hit one or two. Especially at 6:30 in the morning, when it’s dark, they’re feeding, and up,” he said.

The reason there are more deer on the road now is due to breeding season which takes place between October and December. During this time deer are more active at dawn and dusk.

“Caution. Slow down, and always remember driving in those areas that are dark at night in the reservation where there is thick foliage, be careful,” Essex County Department of Parks, Director, Dan Salvante said.

Across the Tri-State area thousands of deer related crashes have taken place over the years.

In Essex County alone 251 were killed in accidents in 2014, on JFK Parkway in Livingston 41 were killed, and on Passaic Ave in Caldwell 35 deer were killed.

Salvante said it’s important to scan while driving.

“You’re approaching an area, it is an open field. I am sure there are deer laying down or standing up looking to cross a roadway,” he said.

A deer management program in the county allows trained hunters to kill deer in the South Mountain and Hilltop reservations. More than 100 were killed this year, some people are not too thrilled about it.

“Where are they going to go? They have no place to go. We’re pushing them out of their habitat,” Barbara Aldiero said.

Officials said the program is critical and has cut down on accidents.

The biggest hint that you are in an area with a lot of deer are the yellow signs that warn you to slow down.



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