NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP)WikiLeaks claims it has a “surprise” for Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine and Democratic National Committee interim chair Donna Brazile.

“We have a surprise in store for (at)Tim Kaine and (at) Donna Brazile,” WikiLeaks tweeted.

The organization has been posting thousands of stolen emails from Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta. Cybersecurity experts told CBS News that the Russian hackers who infiltrated Podesta’s Gmail account are the same ones who targeted other Democratic groups.


Kaine ignored a reporter’s questions about the tweet following a rally in Durham, North Carolina. Kaine has questioned the authenticity of WikiLeaks’ releases and said the emails were hacked as part of an effort by the Russian government to try and influence the presidential campaign.

“One of the emails that came up this week referred to me,” Kaine told CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday. “It was completely inaccurate. And I don’t know whether it was inaccurate because the sender didn’t know what he or she was talking about it or it had been doctored.”

He continued, “Anybody who was going to try to cyber-attack and then try to destabilize an election, you can’t trust that they’re going to maintain scrupulous honesty about the content of what they’re dumping out for the world to see.”

The Clinton campaign said in a statement Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to help Republican nominee Donald Trump.

“There is no longer any doubt that Putin is trying to help Donald Trump by weaponizing WikiLeaks,” the campaign told CBS News.

Trump has focused on a previously leaked email concerning Brazile, which he said showed that she improperly used her job at CNN to give Clinton advance warning on a question at a debate.

Brazile told Fox News that the emails released by Wikileaks were “doctored.”

“I have seen so many doctored emails. I have seen things that come from me at 2 in the morning that I don’t even send. There are several email addresses that I once used. This has not been verified,” Brazile said.

Brazile denied getting any questions in advance of the debate.

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  1. Mikey K says:

    Its not pay to play, if money is going to a charity that saves lives. Hillary doesnt get a dime from money given to the charity. Plus Hillary was not even in office at the time of this proposed donation. Which never even happened in the end anyway.

    As for the suggestion that u should not except donations from questionable countries for charity….Im sure those people that got the life saving aids medicine could care less which country donated the money. Or what their record is on human rights. They are just grateful to be alive. As should we all!!!

  2. Mikey K says:

    The reason US intelligence would not give proof of how they know its russia has been explained. They dont want to give away their tradecraft. Sad that people here believe Russia over their own country. Way to be patriotic!. So sad!

  3. William Hamilton says:

    1. They cite experts and intelligence experts in the administration that the Russians did all the hacking. They never tell us why they know this. If they had evidence I know they would put it out there so that we would know that they weren’t really trying to cover up for Ms. Clinton “this time”.
    2. The people whose emails were hacked could easily clear up whether the emails were “doctored” by releasing the actual emails…..but they haven’t….which leads me to believe they can’t….so the emails must be real. If they proved just a few were doctored…then we wouldn’t believe the rest.

    1. blaming the Russians will make it more believable to your average American as they see them as the enemy. but the truth is much closer to home and your email is right on point. Hilary in this right up to her neck and the emails are genuine she is in this for her own benefit and the glory of being first female president. the writing is on the wall the big question is What is America going to do about it? let her win or dump her in this election very large sums of money from foreign countries leaders are not given without expecting something in return. very shadey and dark in nature

  4. Note that Brazile doesn’t actually say that this particular email is fake. Instead, she insinuates that it is. What a sleaze.

  5. Truther says:

    I still want Mrs. Clinton to explain why she had to be dragged into her van after the 911 ceremony.

  6. Retrocon says:

    The last thing that Putin wants is a Trump presidency, he likes a weak US. So, this has to be the NSA.

  7. The Facts says:

    The fish rots from its head. Rotten Hildabeast! Bubba is just as bad!

  8. Fred Stiening says:

    Wikileaks has the entire SMTP headers available, not just the text of the message. A fake, spoofed or altered email is obvious to an expert. Wikileaks is not stupid.

    In any case, we all know that no secret or classified information was ever sent to or from Hillary’s staff in unencrypted plaintext emails

  9. Willa says:

    No one believes you, Bravile.

  10. Nolejoe says:

    Wikileaks is the only honest thing around it turns out. Nobody else is after the truth.

  11. silverlakela says:

    It’s the NSA, they do not want a Hillary Presidency. She jeopardized the safety and lives of many agents. THEY DO NOT TRUST HER.
    Judge Napolitano

    1. Willa says:

      If the NSA is involved even slightly, they should have more than enough to put Cankles away permanently – even more than has already been revealed. It may be an interesting 2-1/2 weeks.

    2. Even the FBI files show agents leaving the State Department because she was putting them at risk. Sound familiar? Benghazi…
      Ed Klein: State Dept Security, Secret Service ‘Hated’ Working for Hillary

  12. silverlakela says:

    Changing the narrative.

    Alinsky / Progressive tactic – Re-brand to change the narrative.
    Notice, instead of “LEAKS”, the are now saying stolen.

  13. fkthis says:

    Thank God for Wikileaks and their honest reporting of the facts.

  14. Brazile says her emails were doctored? Donna, you mean like Hillary is doctored?

  15. Roger Jones says:

    The only way we know any truth about the Democrats is from stolen emails. They never seem to tell the truth.

  16. donna brazil says:

    Beazil is what you call a lying stupid colored girl

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