NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Protesters chained themselves together across the George Washington Bridge, disrupting traffic during the height of the morning rush hour Wednesday – and their actions have raised concerns about security.

As CBS2’s Tracee Carrasco reported, the protesters managed to shut down a major artery into Manhattan as they protested immigrant rights.

The inbound upper level was closed for only 15 minutes, but the damage was done.

PHOTOS: Protest Shuts Down George Washington Bridge

Delays into New York at one point reached 90 minutes.

Protesters with an immigrant rights group held up a banner reading “Resist, Organized, Rise Up!” and blocked traffic heading into New York City around 8 a.m.

Video on social media showed angry drivers screaming at protesters to get off the bridge and truckers honking their horns, as police took demonstrators into custody.

“Get the f**k out of the road, are you f***ing kidding me?” one man is seen yelling at the protesters.

“Get the hell out of here, you want to go protest, protest on your own time,” another man said.

The group, We Are Visible, chose the bridge to protest voting rights for documented and undocumented immigrants because of the significance of its namesake, CBS2’s Jessica Moore reported.

“Just basically to tell the system we’re not going to be in the shadows anymore,” protester Mahoma Lopez said. “We are here and we contribute to the community, we pay taxes, and we consume… The majority of immigrant people, we don’t have the right to vote.”

Lopez said the social disruption was a small price to pay, but thousands of tax-paying drivers disagreed as they waited for the act of civil disobedience to come to a close.

One by one police arrested 10 people — seven men and three women — on reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing charges. Most were from New York, but one was from New Jersey and another from California.

They were handcuffed and lying in the middle of the bridge as drivers waited up to an hour and a half to get through.

Wednesday’s demonstration highlighted a weak spot on the country’s busiest road, which spans the Hudson River and connects New Jersey and New York City.

“They jumped over and basically blocked the traffic,” Lopez said.

Experts said the demonstration may have exposed a major security flaw. Moore reported seeing bike lanes, walking paths and neighborhood side streets just feet away from oncoming highway traffic with no barriers preventing people from walking straight onto the bridge.

“Today, it’s a simple demonstration that caused heavy duty traffic for a couple of hours,” former FBI agent and security expert Manny Gomez told CBS2’s Carrasco. “Tomorrow, it could be a potential terrorist act.”

Gomez told CBS2 the incident should be a wakeup call for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and changes need to be considered.

“More police presence, marked vehicles, better cameras, better camera monitoring and ultimately overall more vigilance,” he said.

The security issues called into question if access should still be allowed on the path along the bridge.

“Nobody should be able to walk across that bridge, I think. It’s just a whole bunch of problems,” said George Washington Bridge driver Jim Bateman. “Once they get on the bridge, you can’t stop anybody from doing what they want.”

But Gomez said closing the bridge to pedestrians might not be realistic.

“I would think it would take a major event for them to eventually cut that down, because a lot of people do enjoy it and use it on a daily basis,” Gomez said.

The Port Authority would not go on camera to address the security concerns, and only told CBS2 safety is its top priority.

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  1. Bill Williams says:

    democRats love illegal-alien criminal invaders and these NY leftist idiots will continue to elect them.

    1. Bo Lo says:

      Hillary will get elected, give 10 million illegals amnesty, then in 2020 she will have 10 million extra voters to help her get reelected. A horrible shame what’s going to happen. Country is seriously going downhill.

    2. Fred Hayek says:

      and Muslims and jihadists to keep gays, Christians, atheists, Jews and most everyone else kowtowing to the national socialists like Hillary and Obama

  2. Kenneth says:

    Finally a GW Bridge delay liberals can love.

  3. Danny says:

    this is what happens in Mexico…. so this is also the DNC/Hillary camp…..

  4. Patriot says:


  5. MarkJ says:

    Donald Trump should send these idiots a nice thank you card and fruit basket–all they’ve done is create a lot more folks who will touch the screen for Trump. 😉

  6. The left is destroying America!

  7. timefortrump says:

    This is the new BRIDGEGATE because I am sure you will find DNC fingerprints and money behind this illegal alien “action”. /spit

  8. a. they broke into our country illegally, uninvited and unwelcome while others stood in line.
    b. they pay little or no taxes(fact) and displace native born Americans for work.
    c. they usurp social services that hard working Americans pay for.
    d. they then demand that laws(the ones they broke) protect them.
    e. they then harass, intimidate and terrorize Americans to support them.
    f. they then go and vote for Hillary and other Democrats(illegally again) to justify their actions.
    g. Hillary wins and they get exonerated, given even more money and support so that they will continue to help the Democrats maintain their corrupt hold on America!

    1. Why wasn’t there any mention of deporting these Illegal protesters? When is the DHS going to do their jobs? What in the world are we paying them for? This was the perfect time to set an example for these Treasonous disrupters! Call our Congress and demand they deport immediately!

  9. Pete Dosado says:

    Some hot head will start shooting these protesters! But what good will that do? That will snarl traffic even more as the police try to sort things out and clean up the blood and gore! Then the commemoration of the sainted protesters will begin! So don’t shoot!

  10. Racklefratz says:

    How much longer are patriotic Americans going to tolerate this?

    1. Patriot says:

      Until about after we give this election one last chance to end the reign of tyranny. They steal this, and its over. But we will go for the TOP! The TRAITORS will parish! We aren’t “killing” our brothers and sisters, we are cutting the heads off HYDRA!

  11. Patriot says:

    New Yorkers… Fight for your GUN RIGHTS! The 2nd amendment was put there to protect WE THE PEOPLE from tyrannical government. THIS is HILLARYS tyranny!!!!

    1. This Tyranney started LONG before Hillary.

      1. Michael True but she’s had 30 years to correct the problem and has done nothing.

  12. Lost In Space says:

    Everybody, start your engines…

  13. CRyan says:

    Get out. Remove license plate. drive straight through. wash the blood off at the nearest car wash.

  14. Htos1 says:

    WHEN, Pentagon? And take Be blohole, too.

  15. Right. Living in the shadows but unafraid to stand blocking traffic for law abiding citizens. Just wait till they get their amnesty. I lived in South America for 3 years and saw this thing on a daily basis, only far larger and more chaotic. It will get worse here. Far worse.

    1. MikeBuildsUSA says:

      You’re right! Not exactly hiding in the shadows. Illegal immigrants go door-to-door on behalf of Hillary

  16. Lost In Space says:

    All these groups can be traced back to the DNC and Soros. Just drive right through.

    1. Patriot says:

      George Soros is a WAR CRIMINAL, who has destabilized MANY nations, and that is what he is doing here. CLINTON works for SOROS. Check the wikileaks. Its TRUE! They want to destabilize America for their One World Government. What are YOU going to do New York? Be STRONG AMERICANS or GLOBALIZED SERFS????? One thing that was right , RISE UP! FIGHT FOR AMERICA! ITS THE LAST CHANCE! OR LIVE IN TYRANNY!

  17. Joe Campbell says:

    You obama supporters can blame him…

  18. Marsh Mountain says:

    Protestors blocking the traffic of hard working taxpayers going to work = Hillary Voters.

    Hardworking taxpayers stuck in traffic because of these *ss-hats = Trump Voters (if they were not yesterday, they should be today).

    Trump 2016

  19. Mi Too says:

    Even though they disrupted peoples lives, those same people will goose step to the polls and vote for Clinton and be the good lil NY democrats………..

    1. drdarby says:

      Just get out and throw this human refuse off the bridge.

  20. Duke Savant says:

    No better way to get us on your side than by seriously irritating, aggravating, and inconveniencing us. Idiots!

    “We are one with Mother Earth and with all oppressed people in the shadows”
    Keep it up and you really will be “one with Mother Earth”. Six feet in.

  21. hiram floss says:

    just looks like a few vertical speed bumps to me

  22. Jim D says:

    They are not protesting “immigrant” rights. They are protesting for ILLEGAL ALIEN rights. Got that CBS.

    Now the real question is how much did Hillary or the DNC pay them as well as how much has CBS donated to HRC.

    1. Mohammed Shahid says:

      They are too obtuse to understand that their actions only serve to drive voters to Trump because Hillary has shown that she will not only tolerate this behavior but encourage it.

  23. Unclezip says:

    More illegal alien terrorists forcing their views on the population by creating havoc. Deport!

  24. Norge says:

    TRUMP 2016

  25. BC Veel says:

    Someone needs to play real life GTA and this BS would end real quick

  26. Bill Loyal says:

    Just imagine how much worse this would get with Hillary in office.. yikes

  27. Fred Doe says:

    How much did hillary and the DNC pay for this to happen. Read Wikileaks and learn about the real hillary that she is covering up!

  28. Bill Stevens says:

    You can blame this on all the progressives, utopian statists and globalists that fund the DNC and the Clintons, Soros and other nations whose interest is to destroy our Borders, Language and Culture. These are you friends, family and people you work with that are completely in approval of all of this, who continually put these anti-Constitutional people into office.

  29. donttreadonme says:

    What kind of immigrant rights are they protesting for CBS? More than they are already getting from entitlements? They want ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT RIGHTS! Tell it the way it really is. Criminal illegals demanding the right to break our laws.

  30. Denver says:

    Simple. Run the protesters down.

  31. J. Rioux says:

    Advice to drivers-just slowing bump them out of the way. works every time.

    1. I’ll “slow bump” them — AT 60 MPH

  32. Fred Doe says:

    The fact that they chained themselves together presented the obvious solution. A large vehicle hitting the center one would have dragged the rest right along off of the bridge.

  33. cleo48 says:

    Now we have foreign nationals demanding we give them “rights.” Rights to what? Steal us blind?

  34. Michael says:

    Be cool if there was a Larvell Jones around to put some fear in the protestors.

  35. Chip says:

    Invaders don’t have rights.

    Second, peaceble protest on the public square, conducted in a respectful way, is what the Founders intended. The Founders made it quite clear that disruption of commerce (preventing others from earning their living) was a form of rioting that should be “driven from the square bynthe bayonet.”

    Third… it says a lot about the total stupidity of these liberal idiots that they think they will convince responsible adults trying to get to work to support their cause by throwing little temper tantrums.

    1. too bad those “responsible adults” didn’t get out of their vehicles and beat them within an inch of their useless lives

  36. Pod says:

    This will all be solved after Hillary’s election and the Socialist party, d.b.a. “Democrat”, takes the House and Senate. Hillary will realize her dream of an open border between the US, Mexico, and Central and South America, and these “immigrants” will no longer be illegal, giving them full access to all welfare, housing and other social benefits, plus free, fully subsidized ObamaCare. And when ObamCare fails, the Socialists will replace it with single-payer, nationalized healthcare, offering, free, substandard “care” for all.

    1. Chip says:

      Close, but you missed one thing. It won’t be care for all, it will be care for the Democrat Party faithful, and then a long list of politically correct, favored groups.

      Normal non-democrat working Americans, especially whites, conservatives, and Christians, will be the last on the list. As history has proven repeatedly over the last 150 years… state control of health care is a great tool for genocide.

    2. Darrell says:

      …and WHO is supposed to PAY for all this free stuff??
      Especially considering OBaoMao has doubled our national debt in the last 8 years. There is no room left on the giant national credit card. Please don’t go to the Dem/Lib/Prog favorite of taxing the rich. Do you really believe that Hillary is going to tax the pants off the people that spent Millions to buy the White House for her?!?!?!?

      1. uh, since when has the left ever worried about paying for things?

  37. mikeyeyes says:

    amazing. If La Cosa Nostra ran the bridges…there wouldn’t be this problem. They would be promptly “removed”

  38. ladini says:

    Keep it up, idiots!
    TRUMP couldn’t have PAID for better publicity!

  39. John Jupiter says:

    shoot the protesters DEAD……..had enough of their BS

  40. grayswindir says:

    Illegal immigrants, they’re an Illegal immigrants rights group. Stop trying to avoid the critical issue– massive violation of the law— by dropping the correct term for what this is about.

  41. Namey Name says:

    “vigilantes” assisting police on this issue in liberal NY/NJ = TRUMP LANDSLIDE!!

  42. Steve Yuhas says:

    Why do so many groups think today is the same as the 1950s and 60s in the South? It’s one thing for a group to march through Selma protesting Constitutional rights of equality – that message was shared by most people in America at the time. These people think if they block traffic or otherwise cause chaos that their message will make Americans more likely to say, “Sure, illegal immigrants violated that law… let’s make them citizens.” it’s not happening and stunts like this HURT that cause — it doesn’t help it.

  43. No one Important says:

    Will they try to blame this on Christie, too?

    You don’t belong here – who do you think you are?

    You don’t “demand” to participate in a system when you’re here illegally. “Legal” people get to determine our systems. If it’s so bad here, then why don’t you leave?

    Or better yet, if it’s that important to you and you want a say so? Go back to your own nation and vote in your own elections. See? Wasn’t that simple? Where’s that button?

  44. CKinTX says:

    Run them over. Their “right” to protest comes to a screeching halt when it interferes with others’ right to travel.

  45. Pete Dosado says:

    If they are illegal, deport them!

  46. bandi9 says:

    then express your rage by voting for Trump. He is the only solution to this problem.

  47. I am a legalized citizen after 12 years says:

    Throw those paid professional protestors and their illegal alien rapists off the bridge.

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