NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Katrina Bookman took a gamble on a slot machine at a casino, and she thought she hit it big. But the woman in Queens did not take home her apparent windfall.

Bookman says she had to take a selfie to capture the unbelievable moment. The winnings from her spin on a slot machine at Resorts World Casino at Aqueduct in Jamaica were nearly $43 million, the game’s monitor indicated.

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“It just had a big screen that say that I won 42.9 million,” Bookman told CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez. “I just totally got numb and froze.”

But Bookman’s elation was quickly deflated as casino workers flocked to the slot machine. It didn’t print out her prize voucher. The casino claimed the game was broken.

“When I was playing, it wasn’t no error,” Bookman said. “So I feel, what did I win? What did I win? I had to win something.”

The New York State Gaming Commission, which regulates the casino, said it removed the slot machine from the floor and examined its log. The commission said: “The log proved that the player of the machine in question was entitled to a prize of $2.25. The display of $42.9M was clearly a display malfunction.”

The commission also noted that on the machine a small sign says: “Malfunction voids all pays and plays.”

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Bookman has hired an attorney.

“What does that mean? Does that mean that a casino can always say a machine is broken whenever someone hits and hits big,” said Alan Ripka, Bookman’s lawyer.

Bookman said a Resorts World spokesperson apologized to her for the inconvenience caused by the alleged malfunctioning machine. And she said to make it up to her, the casino offered her a steak dinner.

“And I’m like, ‘A steak dinner? Are you serious?'” she said. “I feel very robbed.”

The commission said the penny slot machine Bookman was playing has a max payout of $6,500. The highest possible prize at Resorts World casino is $500,000.

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Bookman said she’s hoping the casino will do the right thing and give her more than a meal.