MERRICK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Police in Nassau County say they nabbed a pair of suspected home burglars who are believed to be connected to dozens of break-ins.

The year-old crime spree came to a close at a Merrick home, police said.

Judy Arena told CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff a woman rang her doorbell, checking to see if anyone was home.

“They couldn’t get in the front door, they couldn’t get in the back door, and I guess they were being followed,” she said.

Nassau County police were following the Queens couple after dozens of home burglaries from Westbury to Massapequa.

There have been 34 residential break-ins since January, all near parkways for a quick getaway. Johana Gomez and Jorge Guevara are suspected in several of them, police said.

“Police said their hours of operation are between 11 and 12. This way, nobody is home, the kids are at school, broad daylight,” resident Rose Azzato said.

Even more brazen, the couple had Gomez’s child in tow at least once, police said.

“Their scam was to look normal in the neighborhood,” Sgt. Patrick Ryder.

Ryder said Gomez admitted she took her son out of school for his eighth birthday, and then stopped to burglarize a home in Bellmore.

“It’s very unusual you put a child into play with a crime. The fact that they used it, it’s a better disguise for them,” he said.

The spree was shut down thanks to old fashioned police work and some new technology, Gusoff reported.

A neighbor reported seeing a suspicious car to police, who tracked it via license plate readers. An alert sergeant spotted the car in the middle of an attempted break-in.

“It’s a scary thing, being invaded and violated in your own home,” one resident said.

Police said they searched the suspects’ homes in Queens and found proceeds from previous burglaries, which they will be working to reunite with the victims.

Gomez and Guevara were charged with multiple counts of burglary. Police said 36-year-old Guevara has an extensive criminal record.