NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)Nick Folk’s wife did not get a kick out of reading Manish Mehta’s column Monday.

A day after 12 extra points were missed in NFL games, the New York Daily News columnist trashed kickers, calling them “a necessary evil” and writing that they “are not people too.” He then advocated for the league to push PATs back another 10 yards to 43 yards, which he argues would essentially do away with the practice because coaches would likely go for two points instead.

“They’re already the most lampooned segment of NFL society,” Mehta wrote of kickers. “They have a fragile psyche. They don’t even really practice with the rest of their team. They’re basically paid consultants detached from the rest of the organization.

“Is there a least respected profession in American team sports?”

In response, Julianne Folk, who is married to the Jets’ kicker, took to Twitter to stick up for her husband.

“FACT: my husband Nick Folk for two years in a row received the IRON JET award rewarded to the player who worked the hardest on and off the field during the off season voted on by the TEAM!” she wrote.

“Fact: not a practice goes by by that my husband is not constantly working on the side with the snapper and punter. Just because they aren’t on the practice field doesn’t mean they’re playing games and lounging in the locker room.”

Julianne Folk also took some personal shots at Mehta.

“I should have knows (sic) it’s too much to wish for Manish a real ‘journalist’ to fact check, report real news, and use ‘real sources,'” she wrote.

She finished up her rant by writing: “If kicking is so easy please show us your field goal skills, now that’s something worth reporting on.”


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