NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Pampering has never been easier, and right now one product is topping the list of trends — masks.

These days, masks are made from every material imaginable, offering something for every skin type.

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“Masks are definitely having a moment right now,” Brittany Levine said.

According to beauty expert Brittany Levine, there is so much variety — from paper to metal, and everything in between — to address just about every facial concern.

“The prime benefits for mask really depend on what you’re using,” she said.

As CBS2’s Kristine Johnson reported, the mask that’s generating big fuss these days is the magnet mask.

“What it does is uses magnetic current to zap away aging,” Levine explained.

A thin black layer is applied, it sits for a few minutes, and then is literally lifted off the skin with a tissue-wrapped magnet. Only a serum to plump and soften is left behind.

“If you have more acne prone or oily skin to look for masks that contain more sulfur properties, things that dry you out a little bit more,” Levine said.

Mud has long been a mainstay of the mask movement. Now it comes in a rainbow of colors with more refined ingredients.

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“This mask has so many different clay properties that help to bring out the oils and impurities from your skin,” she said.

Another popular mask of the moment — paper. There are endless varieties infused with everything from anti-aging serums to deep cleaning charcoals. They range from a few dollars to about twenty — like one applied in dermatologist David Colbert’s office.

“These are triple layer,” he explained, “It’s brightening, it has coconut, and bio cellos fibers.”

Dr. Colbert said masks can definitely be beneficial.

“Masks will help drive product deeper into the skin,” he said.

Though he cautioned not to overdo it with too many variations too frequently.

“I’ve had patients who’ve tried two or three in a week and they’ve come in with rash, dermatitis,” he said.

But experts agree, the right ingredients used the right way can bring results.

“If you spend some of the time, whether it’s 10 minutes added to your beauty routine, you are going to see those benefits. They definitely do help,” Levine said.

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The inexpensive paper masks are available in drug stores and some specialty shops. At just two or three dollars they’re a great way to experiment to see what works best for your skin, before you move on to pricier brands.