NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police say the suspects in a violent crime that took place in Brooklyn, are children.

Surveillance footage shows the four young suspects — accused of robbing and attacking a man — and police say one of them is as young as 8.

As CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez reported, a 30-year-old man was jumped outside of a co-op building on Willoughby Street off of Ashland Place in Fort Greene on the Friday after Thanksgiving around 12:30 a.m.

Police said four kids, two boys between the ages of 12 and 14, a girl between 12 and 14 and an 8 or 9-year-old boy, approached the man and demanded his phone.

They began punching him and threw him to the ground before taking off with the man’s laptop, headphones and a library book, police said.

People from the neighborhood were surprised to hear that kids so young were out so late without an adult.

“My son can’t be in the street at 12 o’clock and be in the house, and he’s 14.” Gabriel Alfredo said, “Maybe their parents don’t care about the kids.”

“I think that’s horrible, and I think the kids today, the parents need to actually have more control over them. Because that’s ridiculous, that’s their elder, and they should respect him and that should not happen,” Gylen Bryant said.

“It bugs me because I’m not a parent, but I’m about to be one and I wouldn’t want my kid outside at 8 years old at 12:30 at night. They have to get caught and they have to deal with the consequences. ” one man told 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck. “You’re not gonna put them in jail, but they have to be taught a lesson 100 percent.”

Police were still looking for the young suspects on Tuesday. It’s believed they are from the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn. Anyone with information has been asked to call police.

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  1. It is after all New York.

    1. No, it’s BROOKLYN. I grew up in Manhattan, and lived there for 40 years. I was never assaulted, pickpocketed or robbed on the street.

      1. Isn’t Brooklyn one of the five borroughs of New York City?

        1. People who live in (or grew up in) Manhattan don’t acknowledge there are other boroughs.

  2. Looking at the comments here, it is still astonishing there are enough people who keep these crooked no-nothing Liberal DemocRAT politicians in office. What’s wrong with NY? LIBERALS!

    1. Perry Bonney says:

      Every time a Dem becomes mayor of NYC, crime increases. Every time a Repub becomes mayor of NYC, crime plunges.

      The voters keep trying to have it both ways – to get the free lunch AND to have low crime. But it doesn’t work that way.

  3. Why do we give credit and more money for welfare maggots to have kids? Penalize them now!!!!!
    More brats less money. While I’m at it, how about doing community service if you collect public assistance? No more sitting on your butts drinking beer all day while your little horror
    creations roam the street and destroy decent lives!

  4. David Wilson says:

    “They began punching him and threw him to the ground before taking off with the man’s laptop, headphones and a library book, police said.”
    This is obviously a hoax by the man to get out of paying library fines.

    1. Do people really check out books from libraries anymore?

  5. Ethnicity of the little “punks”?? I’ll bet NO surprises there!!!

    1. Jim Wolfson says:

      When it’s not stated (the usual case), it’s safe to assume it’s the usual ….. white Amish riffraff.

    2. Nice how they doctored the video to make their faces look WHITE.

    3. Surely these were unrestful yoots, understandably upset over the election of Mr. T, a movie trailer, or an out-of-stock condition on Skittles at the local bodega. Their effnicity is of no relevance; this is Society’s fault (along with Jawj Bush and his awl buddies). No Midnight Hoops, No Peace!

  6. Jon Doe says:

    People from the neighborhood were surprised to hear that kids so young were out so late without an adult.

    No they were not. No one is surprised by this at all. We all have come to expect this behavior. We have seen it going on for decades now. And we all know who it is that is doing this. Despite the medias best efforts.

  7. David Wilson says:

    So a 30 year old man can’t fight off a few children?

    1. Kerr Puter says:

      He would have been arrested in today’s society of Libtardism in NY for harming the “children”.

    2. Some people are not mentally or physically prepared to switch into fight mode in a split second. Democrat perps like these are skilled at sneaking in the first punch – and at operating in gangs so they can get you from all sides. Don’t blame the victim for not fighting off a violent Democrat gang!

    3. Dan Klein says:

      It’s entirely possible the 12-14 year old boys were comparable in size or even bigger than the victim. Plus if they’re from the hood and have spent their lives fighting and getting into trouble, then I wouldn’t want to cross paths with them either. When an average person comes across someone with no morals, no respect for authority, no regard for the law, no respect for his fellow man, he is going to be at a disadvantage.

  8. Ra Williams says:

    Happy Thanksgiving New York!

  9. Give that kid free college !!

    1. Jim Wolfson says:

      Dat’s all he be dreamin’ ’bout.

  10. So a 30 year old man cant bitch slap a bunch of young thugs? Jail them and their parents both mom and if you can find the dad. that is if the woman knows who the baby daddy is. If not time to call Maury.

  11. Which tribe did they come from, the UNGOWA or the WE-BE tribe?

  12. Dan Marlow says:

    “People from the neighborhood were surprised to hear that kids so young were out so late without an adult.” Yeah, that’s the take away here…

  13. These parents don’t care about their kids. That’s why they are out at 12. If they cared about them at all they wouldn’t have been doing this. Sad thing is they’ll have kids of their own in 2 yrs and the cycle continues. Gov. subsidized criminals. Welfare needs reigned in. It is out of control!

  14. Mark Myers says:

    Each of their pathetic parents needs to spend a year in the slammer. They should also be castrated, but that will never happen. But on another note – a scrapping 30 year old man couldn’t fight off 12-14 year-olds? Couldn’t even capture the 8 year old as they ran away? What kind of weenies are they spawning up there in Brooklyn anyway?

  15. Jim Wolfson says:

    The usual White Amish Riffraff ‘youths’?

  16. Life in any Democrat run city…..the cities are full of she+boons, he+boons, thugs, illegals and feral animals…..

  17. The President just said we are still living under the legacy of slavery. I guess he is right these are the thugs that are the legacy of those slaves.

  18. Mike Ganas says:

    Cut off their mothers’ EBT cards.

  19. This is what you get when you don’t spank kids. Congratulations leftists this one is on you! If I had done something like that when I was a kid I would have been more afraid of my dad than the police. My dad would have beat the crap out of me. These days parents who spank go to jail and lose their kids so that the state (which can’t seem to fix anything) takes the kids and messes them up more.

  20. David Kachel says:

    White Norwegian immigrants, right CBS?
    Anybody there?
    Well then, according to CBS policy, the victim was a white racist, right?!
    Is this thing on?
    Guess I’ll go somewhere else and read some “fake” news!

  21. James Tabone says:

    The inner cities are jungles – get out when you can!

  22. Getting panicky in the waning days of the Obamanation…

  23. Jimmy Chonga says:

    It sure makes sense why Our Lady is warning us that a CHASTISEMENT is imminent:

  24. Hey lets play ” Guess The Race of the Perps”

  25. Kurt Frommd says:

    Throw them in jail….and their parents too

  26. Walt Horning says:

    Liberals are screaming yet again for gun control. oops – they used their fists to punch the victim. See, guns are not problem, it’s criminal thinking that is the problem. I mean, duh.

  27. di Blazio’s New York City. New Yorkers voted for this madness.

  28. Kyle O'Henry says:

    Can we agree there’s little chance of rehabilitating this crew? Just as soon lock them up now before they kill someone.

  29. Find the parents! Make them pay a nice amount! Place the kids in some kind of Disciplinary School!

  30. Is it too late for late term abortions? These 4 need to be culled from the herd……and all the others like them!!

  31. So why does cbs distort their faces in the video to disguise their racial membership…only one answer?

    1. One guess as to the race of the little thugs , but yeah it’s just racism

    2. Brooklyn? It’s not hard to guess what race the little animals are.

  32. Animals roaming the streets

  33. Teddy Novak says:

    “Young suspects” – no description and yet the ask for assistance in identification. Another example of fatal PC mentality.

  34. Methinks it is all a big understanding. The kids just thought someone had taken their stuff, and the thought it was this man.

  35. Jerry Walton says:

    And the New York clowns have been living in this liberal paradise for how long?

  36. Young Social Justice Fighters practicing Redistribution.

  37. Bob She says:

    They’re just going into the family business.

  38. Brent Lamarr says:

    and they voted democrat twice!

  39. riosam77 says:

    Parents should be held criminally responsible and made an example so as to send the message to ALL parents: “YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE AND WILL PAY THE PRICE” Maybe that might get their attention enough for them to actually start conducting themselves as responsible parents!! MAYbe…I won’t hold my breath!

  40. They should give the 8 year old the electric chair.

  41. joechute says:

    Arrest the parents then take away the kids.

  42. Another misunderstood child of color, doing what he can do fight White supremacy.
    Has the Reverend Jackson been notified?

  43. Let me take a WILD guess as to the race of these children…

  44. One must exercise extreme caution when entering the native habitat of the North American Urban Thug.

  45. It’s New York. Who cares. Let these liberals beat and murder each other.

  46. Gary Jakacky says:

    Another one of Hillary Clinton’s superpredators.

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