NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A brazen bike thief was caught on video stealing a bicycle in Greenpoint, Brooklyn this week.

The thief used a metal cutter to steal the Cannondale bike on Wednesday. The bicycle is worth more than $1,000.

The theft happened in broad daylight, but took under a minute.

Owner Daniel Rash said the theft was caught on his landlord’s security camera. He posted the video to Facebook Wednesday night.

“At first, you know, you’re not thinking clearly. You think, ‘Did I misplace my bike? Did I not lock it up? Did I lock it up at a friend’s house?” Rash said.

But the surveillance video showed the man in action – pulling out the metal cutter and making sparks as he cuts the lock.

“When we looked at the video, the bike was there, and there was the guy pulling the saw out of his knapsack – crazy,” said surveillance camera owner Patricia Lasker.

“It’s so crazy, it’s broad daylight, I think that’s what’s so shocking about the video,” added Rash. “It’s right in front of the camera – you know, seconds before, a mailman walked by and he’s like on camera waving to a like neighbor, talking.”

Rash said he rode the bike daily.

“That was my baby,” he said. “I rode it everywhere.”

The bike had been secured with a lock that cost $120.

Rash said he is grateful for a supportive network of friends. He said the surveillance video had 10,000 views overnight after he posted it and was shared by 50 people.

“I hope something positive comes about it, but I’m still a little bit shocked and bewildered,” he said.


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