NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The Consumer Electronics Show opened Thursday in Las Vegas, showcasing the latest high-tech trends.

These days, it seems every device uses smart technology. Now, you can add your hairbrush to the list.

CBS2’s Alice Gainer checked out one with a microphone in its center.

“We can tell how you’re using it and by the sound, if you’re breaking or damaging your hair, and prompt you to use different products and to change the way you move the brush,” CNET Editor-At-Large Brian Cooley said.

The hairbrush costs a couple hundred dollars.

For the moms, there was a smart, wearable breast pump. The hands-free device called “Willow” fits inside a woman’s bra, pumps silently and is dishwasher safe. It launches this spring for $430.

For the kids, toy maker Fisher-Price unveiled the “Think & Learn Smart Cycle,” which is an exercise bike with a tablet holder in the handlebars. The idea is that kids will learn while they exercise.

LEGOs are classic, but now even they’re getting an upgrade. “LEGO Boost” teaches kids to code by letting them build smart toy models with the help of sensors and motors.

Then there’s Mattel’s “Aristotle,” which can recognize when a baby wakes up and sooth them back to sleep with a lullaby. It can also order diapers and play guessing games with the little ones.

For those who hate chores, LG has some new robots. Some act as personal assistants, while another can mow the lawn.

For the athlete, G-Vert, which you wear around your waist, lets you know how high you’re jumping and how much stress you’re putting on your body. Many professional sports teams already use similar technology.

“I could see that my stress level was at 10 percent or let’s say five percent, I know that I had a really good run and it wasn’t damaging to my body. But if I ran and I did it at 20 percent, I know that something’s wrong and I need to figure out what’s going on,” President and founder of Vert Martin Matak said.

This year marks the show’s 50th anniversary. More gadgets will be unveiled through Sunday.