NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Kale, coconuts, and avocados could be bad for you.

Experts say there’s something metallic lurking in those foods, in our water, and elsewhere that could be making us feel miserable.

Anxiety, trouble focusing, exhaustion, and an all around mental funk are familiar symptoms for a lot of people.

“People will come in with very non-specific symptoms; they feel moody, have depression, difficulty falling asleep,” Dr. Svetlana Kogan explained.

After some investigation Dr. Kogan — an internist — said she found that copper is increasingly the culprit.

“Copper is an essential element,” she explained.

Like iron, our bodies need copper for normal growth and health, Dr. Kogan said.

Certain foods like shellfish, leafy greens, cashews, and chickpeas are naturally high in copper.

“These are wonderful things to have as part of our diet, but if somebody is consuming excess they could certainly be at risk,” she said.

At risk for a condition known as ‘copper toxicity.’

“If you had six cups of coffee and you’re feeling jittery, that’s the feeling to describe copper toxicity,” she explained.

An increase in vegetable based diets may also be contributing to copper overload, Kogan said.

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Environmental exposure to things like copper water pipes may also be a factor.

“We always recommend to have your water tested,” said Rob Zadotti.

Zadotti, co-owner of Gold Medal Service, said if the PH of your water is not within a safe range it will start to deteriorate the lining of your copper pipes.

While you might not be able to taste the copper in your water, there are other telltale signs it’s there.

“Bluish stains or greenish stains on their tubs,” Mike Jackson explained.

Jackson is a technical field supervisor at Gold Medal, he recommended a water filtration system.

As for treating copper toxicity, Kogan prescribed an infrared sauna.

“Patient is literally sweating out the toxins,” she said.

More importantly — as she outlines in her book ‘Diet Slave No More’ — Kogan said it’s important to eat foods that are balanced.

“Full of rainbow colored vegetables and fruits, and avoid focusing on one group,” she said.

Prolonged use of estrogen medications such as birth control pills may also contribute to an increased level of copper in the body.

Several studies have shows that daily exposure to copper can lead to Alzheimer’s Disease and other former of dementia.

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  1. Darn, no more pennies for desert!


  3. Jim Harris says:

    So, don’t eat metal, ok got it, but what “specifically” about Kale, coconuts, and avocados???

  4. Jack Davis says:

    I’ve heard from “experts” that a “government study” concluded that eating a stick of butter wrapped in bacon will absorb all the copper toxins. It was on the internet, it must be true.

  5. Jon Raitmon says:

    You must wash the banana after pealing it. And never eats sliced bananas in Kellog’s cereals.

  6. This research was peer-reviewed by some lady at Dr. Svetlana’s yoga class.

  7. Is this why liberals are all so unhappy and miserably frustrated?

  8. There is some truth here.Brass pipes leach lead..bad.Galvanized pipes leach zinc…not in the form beneficial for our bodies. Copper pipes have been held up as a great replacement for
    aging galvanized, copper leaches into water and that form is not the form we need.
    Not only the copper, but only for the last decade, all the joints used to be soldered with
    lead containing solder. PVC has chemicals..not good.
    I think the least toxic adding system would be glass, however that would be impractical.
    Distilling your water would help and or a good filtration.
    This costs money and time. You have to weigh that against losing your mind, just observe
    the snowflakes losing theirs over the election.

  9. Fake news & fake science. I feel sorry for all you libs freaking out over this stupidity.

    1. Stehr Va says:

      I will NOT listen to anything the government says as they all have their heads up their a&&es. One minute something is good for you next its not. Truth be told everything in moderation is fine. If you try to make any sense out of the garbage from the government studies you will go crazy, none of it makes sense and every other day its the opposite result.

  10. I seriously question Dr. Svetlana Kogan’s conclusions. Everyone overdoes eating certain minerals. That includes copper. It is the pesticides that are being sprayed on our foods. That and that some people fail to wash the foods before they’re prepared.

  11. Bruno Iocona says:

    This is silly. The “doctor” that they reference (Svetlana Kogan – whoever that is) has a blog that obviously has per click ads on it. Fake news at its zenith. And CBS is just fine with this crap. Tell me again why so few people trust the MSM. I forgot for a moment.

  12. “Anti-racists” say there’s a RACE problem. They say it’ll be solved when non-Whites pour into ALL & ONLY White nations and “assimilate” to get a brown mixture.

    They say only White nations have this RACE problem; they say non-White nations are fine.

    If I object to my own genocide these “anti-racists” say I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  13. Oysters are not “shellfish”; they are bivalve MOLLUSKS.

  14. Birth control pulls? What’s that?

  15. Joe Boltonn says:

    Was this why Mr. Spock was always so glum?

    1. Indeed, Vulcan converted to copper piping, it of course, was the logical choice!

  16. Paul Anders says:

    Yeah copper that’s it…it couldn’t be fluoride or chlorine, known poisons that are deliberately forced upon us

    1. A: Copper
      B: Lead
      C: Zinc
      E: All the above

      Answer: E

  17. David Caskey says:

    All this information being offered by a woman who treats her hair with multiple toxins. As a physician, I can assure you that this is all crap.

  18. Frank Muller says:

    Wait for the push to remove copper pipes from homes. Give it a few years.

    1. Truth be told, copper is wearing away everytime water runs.It happens the most where
      water changes directions (elbows,Tees).
      People will be changing piping because of the wear, unfortunately the new greatest
      thing is Pex, plastic..think about it.

  19. Another day, another group of foods that will kill us. Eat cardboard!!

    1. It’s NOT COPPER,it is what they are SPRAYING IN OUR SKIES, LOOK UP!!!!

      1. Norm Gove says:

        Yes, Chemtrails, GeoEngineering spraying us like lab rats everyday all over the frickin’ planet.
        Aluminum, barium, strontium you name it. Just try to grow a garden any more.

  20. Grow kale which attracts lots of aphids. Just pick and steam them together and you have protein with your veggies. “Taste’s like crap but it’ll keep you alive.”

  21. Terry Wood says:

    Does this now apply to “Tommy Copper” clothes as well?

  22. TA Anders says:

    NO Vertebrate can create any essential nutrient; that is why it is called essential because it must come from the food. If NOT in the ground it will NOT be in the food.

  23. “If you had six cups of coffee and you’re feeling jittery, that’s the feeling to describe copper toxicity,” she explained. BS! It means you’re overdosed on caffeine!

  24. TA Anders says:

    The nutrients they list that are in certain foods is NOT necessarily correct: WHY you ask; The mineral must be in the ground before it can be in any vegetable leafy greens, cashews, and chickpeas. Guaranteed if NOT in ground it will NOT be in any fruit from any plant grown in the ground. IE to make it clear; IF no copper in ground vegetable plant grown in; NO copper in fruit of the plant.

  25. Jacob Brown says:

    FAKE NEWS…. no substantial research done. It would be like reporting that long sea journeys caused scurvy for the British sailors of yore. It was the lack of vitamin C that causes scurvy. Likewise, a zinc deficiency causes a copper imbalance. Its not the copper unless you are getting an artificially too high intake… Its the lack of enough zinc that causes copper to misbehave. How are we ever going to get healthy when reports like this one try to grab our attention and misguide?

  26. BS. The culprit??? Look up. Geoengineering has exploded thanks to Agenda 2021 and 2030. Go to if you want to wake up.

  27. Jacob Brown says:

    Too much copper? That’s because we have not been designed to be exclusively vegetarians… Zinc comes naturally from animal sources and organic vegetables. Zinc is the help mate for copper balance. We need both. Low zinc diets are the culprit. Organic foods have a proper mineral balance…

  28. Fake news….where is the double blind study….I guess we trust Magic now instead of science…

  29. Steve Hollar says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Every week it’s something new. Everything we eat, drink, smoke, breath, or see is killing us. Just ask the experts. Screw them all. I’m 67 years old, never worried about this stuff, eat what I want, and live an active life.

  30. Joe Boltonn says:

    What happened to aluminum being the cause of Alzheimer’s?

  31. Copper… Preferred organic farming anti-fungal fungicide. Multiple pounds spread per acre, every year. Hahaha… enjoy your “safe” crops at 4x the cost.

  32. Josh Meehan says:

    Why do I have to ask what a ‘safe pH range’ is? According to the EPA the safe level for copper pipes is between 6.5 and 8.5.

  33. David Alster says:

    That does it. I am going back to McDoubles.

  34. Buck Sargent says:

    What was that old line? Dirty copper? I guess some of that health food isn’t so healthy after all.

  35. I get so tired of the “bad food” of the week. There is not central science about food, supplements, and what is or is not healthy. Don’t eat Glutton, Don’t eat MSMG, DO NOT TOUCH GMO anything, Hate Monsanto, Eat Organic only, Vegan or death, What a crock of trash. I so wish we could have some REAL information instead of a Dr or Nutritionist who has a goal before they even start the research. We the eaters of the nation are tired of being swayed on way then the other every week, so I just ignore all of them.

  36. Joe Dogtek says:

    Better stick with fast food. Much safer.

  37. every cancerous tumor has large amounts of copper in it.

    1. Doyle Bays says:

      So, could we start mining operations on Clinton’s head?

  38. Another new report that is aimed at emotions. Is there really so many people out there eating salads to make this newsworthy? I think there are many other factors in why people are miserable and lack of exercise is number one on the list.

    1. Josh Meehan says:

      Thank you, I thought the same thing. I eat salads and veggies but watching this made me briefly wonder if I could have a copper deficiency.

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