EMERSON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A New Jersey community is pulling together to help a family after one resident had a brain aneurysm.

As CBS2’s Raegan Medgie reported, the Bergen County father can no longer work and has memory loss. But the town of Emerson is taking care of their neighbor.

When one person is in trouble in Emerson, everyone lends a hand. But on Wednesday, they made sure to bring their appetite to Shortrounds Deli in Emerson.

“It’s amazing. The outpouring of love and support we get is so overwhelming, because we literally could not make it through this without the support,” said Christa Farrell of Emerson.

In June, Gerry Farrell – a father of two girls, one in second grade and the other in fifth – suffered a brain aneurysm that ruptured. He was in the intensive care unit for 16 days and then a rehab facility for weeks.

He is home now, but his wife said he is far from back to normal.

“He has physical limitations; cognitive deficiencies. He can never return to work. He lives his life in daily pain,” Christa Farrell said. “We’re just get back to some kind of normal.”

And that is where the community comes in. Ten percent of everything sold at the deli Wednesday was on its way to help the Farrells – including a donation bucket filled with love.

“It’s a community where no fallen man is left behind,” said Donna Diebner of Emerson.

Schools throughout the district picked up orders that had to be carted out.

“We’re trying to support the family and keep them afloat during these tough times,” said Memorial Elementary School teacher Char Colella.

“Everyone kind of just came together and wanted to see what they can do to help,” said Tricia Mancino of Patrick M. Villano Elementary School.

The special of the day at the deli was chicken parmesan with French fries. It was what jerry ordered every time he came in.

But don’t ask the folks at the deli how many chicken parms they sold today. They kind of lost track.

“We’ve been busy all day long,” said Shortrounds Deli owner Dan Hivry.

While picking up an order, Christa Farrell spotted her best friend Renee Adams, who organized the fundraiser.

“She has gone above and beyond what a friend would do, and I tell you, I could not make it through without her,��� Christa Farrell said.

“She would do it for me, she would,” Adams said. “And think that’s the message we want to send out, you know, you stick by your friends.”

The community has also put together a GoFundMe page to continue helping.