NORTHPORT, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A newborn’s life was hanging in the balance during a desperate 911 call for help.

A mother was giving birth in her own home and the baby wasn’t breathing.

The frightening emergency call came from a home in Northport Village.

A dispatcher instructed the baby’s mother to rub the newborn with a towel, as officers rushed to the scene.

Officers Steven Golub and Devin Humphries arrived in two-and-a-half minutes.

“She wasn’t breathing, she was getting blue, wasn’t making any sounds,” Officer Humphries told CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan.

They realized the immediate need for suction and grabbed an eye dropper.

“I was actually sweeping the mouth to make sure the fluid was out of the mouth as well. She like, bit down on my finger,” Humphries said, “So I yelled to the mom, ‘we got a good sign!”

The star of the show weighs in at 5-lbs, 6-ounces. Still debating a name is grateful mother Katherine Leonard.

“Baby is doing wonderful, it was definitely an experience. Northport Village Police Department and paramedics did an outstanding job,” she said.

“We felt really great afterwards, just very emotional to be able to save a baby,” Officer Golub said.

Their boss said Golub has 26 years on the force, Humphries just a couple of months.

“Even the most seasoned officer when you are dealing with children can just break you down,” Northport Chief of Police Bill Ricca said.

Humphries — a rookie cop — had never given birth before.

“No nothing like that, definitely no experience like that before,” she said. “Training from Suffolk County Police Academy kicked in and everything just fell into place.”

Leonard said because her infant daughter was born prematurely, and under duress, she won’t be released from the hospital for a few more days. But the baby has been given an excellent prognosis.

The mother said she’ll never forget the calm nurturing instincts of the dispatcher and the police officers while they saved her baby’s life.



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