Bryan Altman

Today the Brooklyn Nets announced that they are set to become the most recent team to break a decades long trend of logo-free jerseys in American sports (excluding soccer).

The team took to Twitter to reveal that software company Infor will be sponsoring their jerseys beginning as early as next season.

According to Scott Soshnick of Bloomberg Sports, the deal is worth $8 million and will include business/basketball operations analytics.

The Nets are the fourth team to reveal a jersey sponsor for the 2017-18 season, joining the Philadelphia 76ers (StubHub), Sacramento Kings (Blue Diamond Growers), and Boston Celtics (General Electric).

Early last year, NBA commissioner Adam Silver set a goal of $100 million in revenue for jersey sponsorships, which the league is poised to surpass in its first year offering jersey sponsorship to clients.

The NFL, MLB and NHL have no current plans to offer jersey sponsorship, but based on the NBA’s early success, it wouldn’t be surprising to see those leagues warm to the idea sooner rather than later.


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