NEW YORK (WFAN) — Three days after Super Bowl LI, WFAN’s Mike Francesa was still ripping Falcons coach Dan Quinn for mismanaging the game.

Francesa first took aim at Quinn for firing defensive coordinator Richard Smith and defensive line coach Bryan Cox.

“Now they said it had nothing to do with the Super Bowl, which is hard to believe,” Francesa said at the start of his show Wednesday. “But it looks like they are going to be scapegoated here as the guys (responsible for blowing the Falcons’ 25-point lead), even though the fact that the Atlanta defense (was) left hung out to dry by the ineptitude of the head coach,” Francesa said.

Francesa said the Atlanta defense played “well above anything you could have expected” — applying pressure to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, running to the football and giving solid effort.

“Now did they get tired? Yes,” Francesa said. “They winded up giving up a lot of points and a lot of yardage late, absolutely. But they were on the field for a million plays. They were on the field the whole fourth quarter. They got no help at all from their coach.”

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Francesa then blasted Quinn for saying Tuesday he did not regret the play calling late in the game, blaming the team’s problems on poor execution.

“What you’ve realized is this coach, a couple of days after the fact, has no idea still how bad he was on the sideline,” Francesa said. “So the hopes of him getting better or learning from it are probably pretty slim.”

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