NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Three women born more than a century ago are celebrating their birthdays at an assisted living facility in New Rochelle.

CBS2 sent Lou Young to ask them for some life lessons.

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He watched as three cakes were carried out of the kitchen for the birthday girls.

“I think my mind is OK. I can get around, and I don’t feel sorry for myself, and I’m friendly,” said Shirley Myers, the youngest at 102.

She was the most talkative of the three being honored at United Hebrew. Did she ever expect to get this far?

“No I didn’t,” she said.

Her neighbor, 103-year-old Ann Adler politely declined to speak on camera, but Mary Tallarini, also 103, agreed to speak, despite having trouble hearing. She said activity is the essence of her life.

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“I guess so, stay out of trouble,” she said. “Do what you like, what you want to do.”

As remarkable as it seems, the scene there was statistically in line with national trends. In a facility of that size, with 138 seniors, you’d expect to have three to five people 100 years old or older, Young reported. They just happen to have birthdays weeks apart.

“It’s been more prevalent, more common. Probably a lot to do with more specialized health care,” Rita Malbi, of United Hebrew, said.

Observers say it’s the ones who stay active who thrive, and family helps a lot. Myers stays in motion even 22 years after she handed over her car keys.

“I go to the theater, and I go to baseball games. We go by bus,” she said. “I don’t miss is. It’s very nice being driven around.”

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Two of the three woman are the children of immigrants, while one is an immigrant herself, and Ann Adler earned her college degree at a tender age of 70.