LARCHMONT, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A Westchester County woman fed up with her mail delivery, or lack thereof, turned to social media to complain, and she was shocked by the response.

Dr. Adrienne Weiss-Harrison said two times this month she had no mail delivery for days and got nothing but excuses and delays when she complained to the post office, CBS2’s Cindy Hsu reported. So she posted her experience on the “Love Larchmont” Facebook page, a members-only group.

“I expected one or two people might have said, ‘Oh yeah I had a problem,'” she said. “I was totally flabbergasted by the degree of the response.”

More than 150 comments came flooding in, talking about mail problems going back years.

Weiss-Harrison shared a few of the comments.

“Same story, but it isn’t just the storm. We’ve had problems with our mail for a long time,” one read.

She said one broke her heart.

“They first didn’t deliver an important employment document I was waiting for, then lied about it,” it read. “Then I had to wait three more months to get the document, and as a consequence, I couldn’t work for three months.”

Weiss-Harrison said along with all the comments someone posted a video, showing a package thrown onto a porch.

In response, the U.S. Postal Service sent CBS2 a statement, saying the comments about mail service in Larchmont on social media do no reflect the level of service we wish to provide. It went on to say, “A top-to-bottom review of postal operations in Larchmont is currently underway.”

Resident Valerie Okeeffe said it’s about time.

“It’s gone to heck in a hand basket,” she said.

Okeeffe said she’s been having so many mail delivery issues, she kind of lost it at the post office.

“I tried to start a little riot yesterday in the lobby, but there was nobody in there to riot to. They say there are no supervisors, then they said the post mistress was out delivering mail,” she said.

She said residents in the area having mail issues need to come together to get things changed, and she’s hoping this social media response is a start.

Weiss-Harrison said she spoke with the local postmaster Thursday afternoon, who said because of all the complaints, she’s confident she’ll get the resources needed to fix the problems.

  1. I live in Larchmont and let me tell you it’s bad. It’s like Iwo Jima out there with rogue USPS employees lobbing mail missiles while outraged suburbanites raise a flag of defiance on a heap of misdirected Amazon packages. That crazy woman in the report is our leader. She took down Larchmont Post Office single handed and came out with the Postmistress’s head in a mail sack. All I can say to the rest of Westchester is, we die today so that you may receive your junk mail tomorrow. #PrayForLarchmont

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