SECAUCUS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — NJ TRANSIT riders say an out-of-service escalator has caused delays and frustration for months now.

A CBS2 viewer reported the problem at Secaucus Junction, and Meg Baker was demanding answers Monday evening.

Plywood and two brooms now block off a dismantled escalator at Secaucus Junction. Commuters said the escalator has not moved in months, and it is a pain in the neck.

“It’s been broken for quite some time now,” one commuter said.

“As far as I can remember, it’s been out of service,” added a commuter named Andrew. “I think they probably just can’t get the parts.”

One older couple exiting a Hoboken train on Track E at the station quickly turned around upon seeing 39 steps were the only option to get downstairs.

“The people that are elderly have a problem, so you know, I don’t know why they don’t have their act together; if there’s not an inspection process,” said Richard Moore. “Like everything else, it’s run down. I mean, people aren’t paying attention to the fundamentals of transportation.”

Many commuters told CBS2’s Baker that having to climb up stairs or find another escalator puts them in jeopardy of missing their connecting trains.

This is not the first time an escalator has been left broken for months. A Twitter account was created for a non-functioning escalator in 2015, and even on Monday, another escalator in the main concourse was being repaired.

So CBS2 demanded answers from NJ TRANSIT – how can there be this many repairs at a station that opened as recently as 2003? Why has an escalator been out of service and what is taking so long?

NJ TRANSIT responded in a statement, “The exterior escalators are exposed to harsh weather conditions which unfortunately contribute to more mechanical issues.”

NJ TRANSIT also said the repair parts take some time to locate or manufacture.

There was no estimated timetable on completion of the broken escalator.

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